I have to see Anderson Silva BEATEN NOW

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  1. I personally don't think that Silva is that good. Sure he has beaten several guys for the middleweight and the light heavyweight title---Dan Henderson ,Chael Sonnen but I think he should be beaten now and the title should change hands -----don't you??
  2. Yeah he should job I'm tired of the superman shit.

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    :haha: Until someone is good enough to beat him on the night he'll hold that belt Slapnuts
  3. I'm waiting for Dolph's.
  4. Well actually Silva is no Superman
  5. :facepalm1:

    Don't think that Silva is that good? Where to start.. he is an unquestioned top 2 greatest fighter of all time (along with Fedor, though Silva is probably #1 in more people's books than #2). His skillset is widely praised as being the best and most well rounded of all time (his striking is the quickest/most accurate, and his BJJ is elite). His resume is, well, probably the best resume in the history of MMA. He holds most every record in UFC history pertaining to winning streaks, title defenses, ect. But yea, he's pretty ho-hum.

    He's never fought for the LHW Title, he's only had two fights at 205 and they were both devastating first round knockouts of James Irvin and former LHW Champion Forrest Griffin. His list of victims at 185 is so far ahead of any other Middleweight in history it's not even funny. Let's first not fail to mention that Silva was once upon a time the #1 ranked 170 lb fighter in the world after defeating elite welterweights like Sakurai and Carlos Newton. Then you get to his list of victims at 185 and it never ends. Jeremy Horn (a guy who beat Chael Sonnen 3 times lmao), Lee Murray (badass who quit MMA to become a pro bank robber.. he got caught and is now in jail), Chris Leben (Leben was 15-1 at the time and the bees knees of the UFC 185 lb division), Rich Franklin X 2 (a top 5 middleweight of all time and Silva finished him twice with ease), Nate Marquardt (31-10 career record, has always been a top 10 MW), Dan Henderson (choked him out; Hendo is a top 10 legend of the sport), Demian Maia (best BJJ in MMA; Silva toyed with him), Chael Sonnen X 2 (stylistically a nightmare match up for Silva, and Anderson finished him twice), Vitor Belfort (all time great IMO), and Yushin Okami who is always ranked in the top 6 or 7 MWs around. So yea, he's beaten 'several guys'

    You think he should be beaten? What gives you the right to think that? You can want to see him lose if you dislike him, but you think he should be beaten? That doesn't even begin to make sense. This is a combat sport, not sports entertainment. Outcomes are not predetermined. As long as he is better than the person across the cage from him, which he will be for the foreseeable future, he will be champion as he should be. And no, I don't want to see him lose the belt. I actually appreciate the fact that we are watching history every time he is in the cage. The man is the Muhammad Ali of MMA at this point (apples to oranges a bit because boxing is hundreds of years old and MMA is a sport in it's infancy) and years and years from now people will still be talking about Anderson Silva, the greatest MMA fighter of all time. So maybe you should learn to be thankful that you are lucky enough to witness the best to ever do it when he steps into the cage and not wish for some lesser fighter to take his belt from him.

    Silva has had the MW Belt for so long that it just seems wrong to think about someone else having it; they won't seem worthy. After his skills diminish and he finally loses or he retires and the belt becomes vacated, the next person in line will NEVER be able to fill Silva's shoes. And all of this is being typed by a person that has never even been a huge Silva fan; I just respect the hell out of the guy and as an 'MMA fan' which may or may not loosely describe yourself, you should as well.

    Here's my recommendation: Go put yourself in an arm triangle and see how long you can maintain consciousness.


    His joke
    Your head


    Also this belongs in the sport section, which clearly the original poster doesn't seem to understand the difference between a sport and sports entertainment.

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  6. you can't put yourself in an arm triangle
  7. Well I'm glad that's all you've taken from my post. Now gtfo and take your lame ass gimmick with you.
  8. Dolph's is such a boss at times. That was actually a pretty enjoyable read, summarizing Silva's run in the UFC showing just how dominant he has been.
  9. Well I agree Silva is a great fighter but I just wanted to see a new champion crowned
  10. Why? This is not pro wrestling. What would make you want to see anyone but the best fighters in their weight division champion? It's not like 'man, this CM Punk 10 month reign is stale as shit. They need to get the belt off of him'. Silva is the best, period.

    It would be one thing if you had a favorite fighter that was a 185 lb contender that you wanted to see win the belt, but you just seem to be anti-Silva being the champ, which makes zero sense.
  11. Push Koscheck!
  12. Kos was already pushed to the moon and GSP broke his face for his trouble. Now he can't take more than a few punches to the eye without his orbital bone breaking :sad:
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