I haven't watched much indys in a year, can someone tell me the best shows of 2013?

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    I miss watching the indys, I have fallen behind, honestly haven't watch much at all, since last March, and have only saw a hand full of matches from this year. It doesn't matter what indy promotion, I just want shows I should check out of 2013.
  2. PWG's Matt Rushmore event,
    Chikara Never Comprise
    Dragon Gate USA's Open the ultimate gate 2013

    Off of the top of my head.
  3. PWG BOLA N2 is a must watch.
  4. Manhattan Mayhem -ROH
    PWG BOLA both nights were awesome.
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  5. Manhattan Mayhem was probably one of ROH's best shows of the year.
  6. Yeah the Bucks/Hooligans match was just amazing one of my fav tag matches of last year. Strong/Steen and Elgin/Anderson were good. From the undercard to the main just a real solid event.
  7. Indeed.
  8. Manhatten Mayhem
    House of Hardcore 3
    PWG BOLA13 Night 2 (Night 1 was good too I just think 2 was a bit more superior quality)
    AIW Absolution VIII
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