I just bought these cuties..

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zamorakian, Mar 13, 2012.

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  1. http://www.wweshop.com/item/cm-punk-wrist-straps/cmpunk/50-02556

  2. What are they? Like what's the point of having them?
  3. Two Xs'. I'm Straight Edge. Get it?
  4. Yeah I understand the straight edge idea of marking an X on your wrist as a voluntary sign of being underage in a club and how it's gotten to be a symbol but still what would you use those for?
    PS you'll probably like this.
  5. I don't wear wristbands. Did you buy his new T-shirt?
  6. I like to wear wristbands..but really I'm buying his stuff because I'm a huge fan.

    And that song is awesome.

    Yes I bought the "In Punk We Trust" T-Shirt and IPhone case/cover or whatever it is.
  7. I though you'd like it, they were one of the biggest bands during the initial straight edge movement.
  8. Hey seabs what do you think, should I buy this shirt?


    It looks so childish though lol..
  9. :laugh: Yeah buy it and be awesome.
  10. I have then already!
  11. Yah, that T-shirt looks pretty cool. Did not know there was an iPhone case/cover for it also.
  12. Yes. Yes. Yes.
  13. Sure, if you got the money.
  14. Man for the CM Punk wrist I use these clean long socks and I spray painted the X's on them one pair is black one pair is red X's. Or else just need my in Punk we trust shirt.
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  15. Lol, nice one.
  16. Eff Straight Edge. I had my first and second beer a few weeks ago and I LIKED it.

  17. You're so cool.
  18. Sick i have the ones from dollar Tree :troll:
  19. You make me laugh a lot - you deserve the #Heel name lmao.
  20. I saved my money making basses wristbands with socks And it was bomb
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