I just got 3 TNA Brown Bags...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Feb 20, 2014.

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  1. I got a box. And this fucking thing is just covered in tape. Like COVERED. I don't know who fucking did this but I'm blaming Rockstar Spud's midget ass. It takes me 5 minutes to try to rip off the tape but they layered it like 5 times. So I grab a box cutter. CUT THAT SHIT OPEN. And the bags aren't filled. They stuffed everything in the box. MY BAGS AREN'T FILLED WITH ANYTHING. I DEMAND A REFUND. I didn't order 75 dollars for a TNA Brown Box. I ordered 3 TNA Brown Bags. This makes me so angry. I'm never gonna watch TNA again. What if that was my real reaction? But here is what I got...

    • Chavo Guerrero shirt - My initial reaction to it being the first thing I grabbed out of the box was "Fuck. This is gonna be bad"
    • AJ Styles shirt
    • Velvet Sky banner
    • Angelina Love banner, I think
    • I have a 3rd banner that I don't know who it is...
    • Kevin Nash & Eric Young action figures
    Now, onto the DVDs - I got 12 DVDs swag.
    • History of TNA: Year 1
    • Fandimonium: Motor City Machine Guns & Beer Money Inc.
    • Christian Cage: The Instant Classic
    • Sting: Return of an Icon
    • Second 2 None: World's Toughest Tag Teams
    • Global Impact - Japan
    • Final Resolution 2006
    • World X-Cup 2008
    • Genesis 2007
    • Against All Odds 2006
    • Final Resolution 2006
    • Sacrifice 2007
  2. The burying that is happening right now :emoji_cry:
  3. lmao @ starting with Chavo. TNA trollin
  4. DVDs should be cool. the rest is shit lol
  5. Ummm did you even read that he got a Nash action figure? That alone is worth whatever price was paid.
  6. missed that. statement retracted
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  7. The other day I got my own Brown bag from TNA this is what I got.

    Velvet Sky Banner
    History of TNA: Year 1
    Genesis 2010
    TNA Bloodiest Brawls
    TNA's 50 Greatest moments
    Sting figure
    Main Event Mafia shirt lol.

    Average at best MEM isn't even together, I might get another one at a later time.
  8. Just to gauge my reaction how much are these?
  9. I'm such a mark, and I never got myself one.

    Wondering if I'd get a, lets say, Hulkamania t-shirt brother!
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