I just want to say thank you to Farooq

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. For restoring some prestige to the MOTM after Mince inexplicably won the award last month. After seeing Mince win the award I was convinced I would never want to win it (a joke that I haven't won it up to this point anyhow) but now I am prepared to make one last run at this bitch

    I'm not campaigning, but just know that I fully expect to be September's MOTM. My posts > your posts

    come at me. inb42ndplace
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  2. Here are gifs to express how I feel about this thread

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  3. For the record, I meant my posts > whoever was reading this thread's post. Not just yours.

    my posts > all though. Modesty is for pussies


    btw Faroow.. Knockin' on Heavens Door by GnR came on my Pandora station not long ago....


    .. I skipped it.

  4. Well I like to fuck modest pussys. Would prefer them to be clean and well shaved then a hairy period blood filled one...but if you like it that way go for it....
  5. I think you missed the second half of my post lol

    Now I'm listening to Jimi fuckin my ears with his guitar though

    such a monster
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  6. Jimi :yay: My God is here without me having to call him :win:


    You skipped Knocking on Heaven's Door?
  7. :haha: Well that's okay. I'm sure somewhere in the world, Axl Rose doesn't give 1/2 a fuck, nor does Bob Dylan.
  8. I would never skip Bob Dylan's version of the song

    I just don't like GnR very much, or 80s music in general. I find Axl's voice to be tedious to listen to
  9. I only have a bromance with one person on this board
  10. Sounds legit. :ryan:
  11. More like slash sex, but OK.
  12. Vince McMahon was a good MOTM. :cry:
  13. :yay:

    Agreed. Vince > NWO
  14. Someone give this man a cookie! :yes:
  15. On a more on-topic note, Dolph's going back to his old HQ days is fucking awesome. Most of the new users only know him for his funny hating. Surprised I haven't got any "WHY DOES HE HAVE THE BITW AWARD" PM's yet.
  16. Why does he have BITW? :notsure:
  17. :isee:

    Look at his post count. Like 95% of those are in wrestling sections.
  18. I just looked at his first 5 pages for when he signed up, all he seemed to do was moan at WWE. :dawg:

    Can't deny how active he is in the Wrestling sections though.

    Well done D'Z.
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