I know I'm a full week late

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Feb 7, 2014.

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  1. But I marked my tits off when Reigns confronted HHH and was like "We're not asking for your approval". Anyone else cream?
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  2. If I actually have a shit about Reigns i might have, but oh wait, I don't care about Reigns.
  3. I was a fan of that moment.

    And, on a side note, awesome avatar.

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  4. Yeah, that was badass. GOAT in the making.
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  5. Yeah definitely showed a lot of leadership in saying that over Ambrose & Rollins, can really tell they want to push him more and more it seems.
    I think Reigns is entertaining but I won't truly care for him until the Hounds of Justice are done :emoji_slight_smile: It's easy to be a powerhouse when you got some backers behind you but when you're not in a stable its a whole new breed.
  6. Seriously OP you creamed yourself over that moment lol that is sad
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  7. ban! ban!
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  8. Isn't as sad as you being an Obsessive Kelly Kelly Fan....
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  9. You seeing it with Roman yet?
  10. You seeing it with Roman yet?
  11. I still don't get the hype behind him. so overrated
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  12. Wouldn't surprise me.
  13. indeed
  14. You're both real mean haters today.

    I will say with Reigns is that his presence on the microphone is improving. I'm beginning not to dread hearing him talk. In fact, I'm actually preferring him on the mic than his buddy Seth Rollins. I still think he's boring as fuck to watch in the ring (not counting his power moves); however, I'm not the biggest ring-work fan so I'm definitely becoming more of a mark for Reigns. Ambrose still sticks out to me as the best in that trio though.
  15. Reigns boring in ring? I know I'm flying at full mast for the guy but I don't really see that at all. His match with Punk was HQ shit man.
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  16. PS fuck you for leaving that Title up for less than a week. I see how much I mean to you
  17. I'm with DZ here. Reigns isn't the best technical guy on the roster (that would be Bryan or Cesaro), but he's not boring. Having said that, he's a good technician for basically being a power wrestler. And his power moves look tremendous, especially his "Superman Punch" and his Spear (although I personally wish his finisher was something based on a powerbomb, but that' just me).

  18. Reigns is one of the wrestlers who will be the future of the WWE once Cena, Orton and a bunch of the other older superstars run their course... he will definitely be a champion one day... I just want to see Reigns and Big E Langston feud... I think that would just be a great thing for the fans.
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  19. Rest assured that, barring injury or people turning stone cold stupid, you will see that feud. In fact, you will probably be complaining about how many times you've seen the feud in several years.

    I say this because I see Reigns and Langston as the next Rock/Austin or Cena/Orton.

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  20. Thought you were pregnant... AGAIN.
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