I know it is the end of the year...

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  1. But I haven't watched Raw in like 5 or 6 weeks and haven't missed it. I hear/read of some great things that have happened but for every good thing... there is like an enormous pile of filler junk that seems like the writers just don't give a crap about right now. I remember when I first stopped watching wrestling. It was shortly after Bret Hart quit (yea I know BUT U MISSED ATTITUDE ERA!?). I honestly am in that position where they are losing my interest again. This is not a thread to bash WWE or say "HEY LOOK THEY SUCK!"... I just feel like they can't keep my interest for crap right now. Does anyone else feel this way? I mean, just a few months ago, I wanted to see every Raw... Now it is like, meh, I'd rather play a game or watch something else.
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  2. Once they put Big Show in the main storyline, I lost a lot of interest. The main events for the recent PPV was Cena/Adr and Orton/Show ...
    It's just ugh and I'm not too huge on Cena vs Orton next month. I just watch RAW as a habit currently, but if it's boring, I'll leave the room and stop watching.
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  3. Yeah Big Show had his run years ago... I am over the Randy Orton skit. I mean... It is like... Why do they insist n keeping this going!?
  4. I felt this way right after Night of Champions. Nothing makes me want to tune in each week at this point.
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  5. I am glad I am not alone here. I mean... I haven't cared this less about wwe since 2008. lol
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  6. Currently the corporation is skeptical of having Orton be the face of the WWE so I'm assuming they want Cena as the face. (Like he isn't already?)

    I'd just have Punk, Bryan or Cesaro chase for the championship. Nowadays I just watch old wrestling like AWA, NWA, WCW and WWF.
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  7. Same. I remember thinking in 2011 after the Punk pipebomb, being the mark I was, thinking "WWE is finally getting better again." And it did. It kept me pretty entertained through 2012, first half of 2013 with the new NXT, new talent etc. Now it's just died again.
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  8. I pretty much lost interest the second they started to revolve the whole Authority storyline around the Big Show. That pretty much killed the little potential they had. Besides that storyline there's no other feuds going on that are interesting, even the whole Wyatt Family/Punk & Bryan thing hasn't been good lately. However, I've still been watching RAW every week. I always question why I'm watching it, it's pretty much a force of habit I guess.
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  9. It has been getting progressively worse for me all year. It is a shame.
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  10. To me... Unless you are really good entertainment, no way should a mid-carder be in the main story line. It is not believable that they "can" win. Most of them have lack of ring or mic skills (sometimes both) and it is just horrible to watch.
  11. Agreed, it has sucked these last few months. I'll only watch RAW when I'm bored instead of making plans to watch it. It's like the writers have given up. Lots of recent storylines have been illogical bullshit. I enjoyed the first half of the year though. Should start getting back into it on the road to wrestlemania!
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  12. The main angle going is lacking in big "wow factor" for me as well. Neither of the guys do it for me.

    The undercard is more entertaining and surprisingly deep. The undercard matches are often fun and good to watch but little effort is put into booking them apart from Punk/Shield and Bryan/Wyatt.

    And the same with TNA and ROH (in a sense). All three promotions book using the same structure, to varying results. NXT is great, ROH is fun, and I get my mark off on the indies and in Japan nowadays. I still watch WWE main programming though, but not nearly as interested as before.
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  13. I wish they would take the pop from NXT and the fun from ROH and some how use what they do in them shows on Raw. It is like Raw is the outer shell of what was once a well thought out piece of entertainment. You can see the talent, but it has no emotion to it... Like, at all.
  14. It's cause you have a minecraft addiction. You should watch again, it's actually better than where it was a year ago
  15. I don't have a minecraft addiction! I wasn't on there for weeks then decided to start playing again. :mad2:
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. :mad2:
  18. Same happens to me. I just feel like they're somehow kidding. I mean, come on... It's just like they have no plans for anybody. Some time ago, the WWE title was the most prestigious one, now it doesn't look pretty good imo. I don't think they're trying to put the World Heavyweight Championship on a higher level than their own title, but my impression is that the WHC is now way better than the WWE title. It seems to me the IC title is in a better position than the WWE title. Nevermind, just my opinion.
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  19. There are talks of getting rid of the WHC and just having the WWE title... :facepalm:
  20. Fuck that shit. I'd personally get rid of the WWE title right now... I think they want a unified championship, or something like that but we all know Cena would get it.
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