I know the reason why Eric Rowan is the best breakfast burrito

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Nov 25, 2013.

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  1. I know the reason why Eric Rowan is the weaker member of the Wyatt family its cos during the match at Survivor Series Luke was calling spots out loud to Eric that was so noticeable even when the camera went up close to them and im like WTF this isnt right Eric should be the one communicating with Daniel Bryan in the ring not having his partner on the outside calling out spots to him lol. Eric Rowan needs to go back NXT and learn how to perform a match and call spots with who hes wrestling not someone outside the ring
  2. Its hard to top a good breakfast burrito. You have everything you need in one easy to eat item! Eggs, sausage, hashbrown, jalepenos, salsa, onion.... its the end all be all of breakfast food. Not to mention its all wrapped up in a delicious flour tortilla.

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  3. Man,I could sure go for a breakfast burrito right now.
  4. Just hit up Sonic. Sonic is hit or miss from menu item to menu item, but I can't deny the epicness that is their breakfast burrito.

    Just get the supersonic one so you get jalapenos and tater tots in that bitch
  5. Jalapenos and tater tots with the burrito? Shell yeah,count me in. Looks like I'm fixing to take a trip to Sonic.
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  6. Whats a breakfast burrito? Like whats in it?
  7. Watch out for Dolph's Ziggler's spot in the new Sonic commercial!
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  8. Its quite divine. easily the best item on Sonic's menu
  9. Hi, I'm Dolph'sZiggler. Eat Sonic breakfast burritos because they are awesome.

    (then I end it with a cool thumbs up like this)

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  11. dude I listed everything in a breakfast burrito in my first post ITT
  12. Man I loved that show
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  13. Thats why I quoted you in a response where I quoted him
  14. It is probably my all time favorite. At least top 3
  15. Cool. Cool Cool Cool
  16. Season 5 starts in a little over a month! woooooooooooooooooo!
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  17. Holy shit, seriously!? I thought they ended that shit?
  18. oh hell no! 6 seasons and a movie ashley!

    January 2nd
  19. SWEET *fan-girling*
  20. Bah, no Chevy and limited Troy appearances? LAME. Quick question to a fellow fan, is the guy that plays Troy (Donald Glover) Danny Glover's son? I suppose I could just look that up.
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