I know this is not related but scary **GTA**

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by 2000luisluis, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. I recently bought a used GTA 4 at GameStop. I didn't care if it was used or not, I just wanted to play it. The game seemed okay, for a few scratches here and there. The game ran pretty smoothly for a used one. I spent most of my time fooling around causing mischief. I had almost no problems. Except, one thing.
    I was being an idiot running down an almost empty street and I suddenly get hit by a car that wasn't there before. Before even thinking, I pulled out my RPG and shot it straight at the car. I laughed as I heard the driver scream in pain. But my smile quickly stopped. The scream turned into a bloodcurdling cry. One that I've never heard before in GTA. The driver slowly got out of the car, on fire, and his body was completely black from being burned. Instead of running away or dying, he just stood there, staring at me and screaming. I pulled out my pistol and shot him a couple of times, only making his cries change from pain to anger. The closer I moved towards him, the laggier the game got. I was starting to get creeped out, but I just shook this off as a glitch that made the guy unable to die. I quickly ran away and got into the nearest car. Niko started the engine, and immediately, the car exploded and Niko started screaming recklessly. He casually got out of the car, and even though he was on fire, he wasn't losing any health. Niko's screams got more horrifying, more realistic. I was really starting to get scared.
    I decided to load back to the last save, before any of this happened. It was all the same, but this time.. my character was replaced with a solid black silhouette, just like the burning man. Every few minutes my guy would let out a haunting scream of pain, each one getting worse. I continued to play the game, and that's when I got freaked out.

    Any car I got into immediately caught on fire and eventually exploded. Every time I went near a person, they burst into flames and screamed as they burned. The people around them didn't care, they just kept walking casually. Once the person stopped burning, they got up and kept walking as black corpses. Like shadows. :angry:
  2. Seriously...???
  3. http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/GTA_4_Shadows

    People share your problem bro -______________________________________________-
  4. Knew this was a fake.
  5. Actually That was me on CreepyPasta
  6. CBA debating that so of course it was sunshine.

  7. hope you aint lying lol...

    that was scary as fuck to read lol :upset:
  8. Tbh, I think this would be pretty cool not scary, being able to set people on fire by just touching them? I'd have the time of my life! :yay:
  9. Reading creepypastas as of the moment because of this post. Fuck that's scary! And also this thing I just read. :((
  10. creepypasta :upset: I will never be able to eat durum wheat based food products ever again :upset:
  11. Quitted reading, seeing as I'm the only one sleeping at the dorm... :((

  13. Fuck you Pedobear.
  14. love you sweet :emoji_slight_smile:
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