I know this is so far in left field but I wanted just ask it.

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  1. Now I Sting has said over year after year that he does not want to sign with WWE. And has Even a few time said he was close to jumping to WWE but never did to stay with TFA because in his mind is the WCW. But let said if Sting become a Free A. and does deside to go to WWE do you think at this point that WWE would do the this Sting vs. Undertaker match at a WM? I mean so must time has past and I just think its a lost cose at this point. I mean in 2011 it was talk of the town but it just got to point it just getting less and less meaning to it. But I really just cuerit on what you all think if he did come to WWE would WWE do it?

  2. Great thread. No idea. I reckon WWE have been planning Cena/Taker as Taker's last match for a while, and I'm not sure if they'd drop it for Sting/Taker. I reckon they would ask Taker to do two more Wrestlemania's; Taker/Sting and then Taker/Cena. Taker/Sting is still a match I very much want to see.

  3. well if vince thing he can get a BIG pay off on taker vs sting at wm more then a match then been done already at wm he has really his smart. will all the iwc people wanted match so dam bad like there no tommow. but i still said if every the match it i do belive will taker last and sting last if he does go back TFA then like flair did? But we don't know if it going cena next year it could brock at wm30 it still too early as though are the top 2 right now cena and brock for wm30. But Idk if WM30 will be taker last match. the way he look to be in good salbe after wm29 tell me he got more let now. wwe even plan to use him at this years summerslam in a match. So i don't it over for taker at wm30. and why should it be? all long he can still wrestler top level in the part time match he has i don't have a poable with it. he been in the best of sable going into this year wm29 then the past 2 wm with hhh.
  4. Oh thank god i thought you were going to ask me to marry you Respect Gohan6425. I wasnt sure we should so quickly in our relationship.

    Sting isnt leaving TNA, you can bet your bottom dollar on that. What he will do in TFA, on the other hand, is unknown and could lead to a WWE move. Dead man vs the living dead.

  5. :gtfo:!
  6. Nah, no way he'd go to WWE but it'd be very interesting to see.
  7. I'm over this "dream match". I really wouldn't care for it at this point.
  8. I don't care for this either. Even comparing their gimmicks isn't really applicable because Sting hasn't been the dark kind of mysterious Sting since like 1997/early 1998 (unless he pulled it off at some point in TNA that I missed since they set up shop in 2002) and Undertaker is getting closer and closer to becoming his humanized "Dead Man" persona from the mid/late 90's (especially 1997-98) more and more these days. This never was a big dream match for me anyway. To be honest, I would have loved to have seen Sting in WWE, but there's not really any particular guy that Sting could work a feud with that would make me think "omg, I can't wait." I've always just been a moderate Sting fan at best except for when he was stalking and owning the NWO throughout late '96/'97.

    Unless they really want Taker to go to 25-0 (a risk, in my opinion), I don't think a Sting match would even be considered for Taker at Wrestlemania at this point.

    I also wouldn't call Undertaker working a few matches even post-Mania this year and wanting to work another one at Summerslam as proof that he's wrestling past WM next year (in response to Gohan's second post.) If anything, it could simply be that Taker has already decided to call it a career at WMXXX and so figures he can take the workload of working a few extra matches to entertain the fans and in the case of The Shield, put a few young guys over in process.
  9. This match is more of a metaphor to the past than anything else, it's a chance to relive the Monday Night Wars one more time by seeing a representative from each battle it out for the first time ever and let's be honest which two could represent Vince and AntiVince better? The answer is none.
  10. I don't think it will happen at this point. Maybe 2011 was as good a year as any, but now, really, it's doubtful if he even will wrestle post 'Mania XXX, so I'm guessing the last thing Vince would want is for 'Taker's last match to be against a completely new and outside party to WWE till now.
  11. This. It needed to happen a decade ago, not in 2013.
  12. Isn't Sting a little to old?I'd say he could bareraly beat the miz!

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  14. If he did go to WWE I'd like Sting to end the streak, maybe he retires after what happened at Slammiversary and he's about 50 or older, he's a hall of famer too, I don't think he'll leave TNA but as I said, IF he did go to WWE yeah, Taker vs Sting for Wrestlemania would be dope imo

  16. Sure, a legend must rise over another legend. Maybe this brings Hulk back to WWE

  17. then why did rock beat cena the 1st time!? And vince will not let Taker lose his streak to a wcw guy!
  18. Cena is a legend :yay:

  19. NO HE NOT!

  20. [​IMG] I don't get your metaphor then.
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