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    If you were running the show, how would you use the three hours given? Before RAW went 3 hours officially, there were rumors that the first hour would be a countdown show. That didn't happen, but in all honesty, it sounded like a good idea. They could give recaps on the previous week, so we wouldn't have to see it 10x times during RAW. The other two hours can be utilized like RAW previously did.

    Another way you can book it is and I've known you've heard it a thousand times, bring back the cruiser-weight divsion. They already have a bunch of high-flyers, so why not? If not that, than the tag-team divison. It doesn't feel important enough. So the whole show would go something like this:


    First Hour

    - Recaps from Last Week (All feuds going in the brand)
    - Tag-Team Divison
    - Cruiser-weight Division


    Second Hour

    - Main-Eventer opens show with Promo
    - Mid-Card feud
    - Upper Mid-Card/Main Event Match

    Third Hour

    - Mid-Card Title feud
    - Main Eventer Segment
    - Main Event Match

    So, the question is, how would you utilize three hours of RAW?
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  2. First hour: Re-Cap and showing the matches that would be coming up. (excluding ones made up on the fly)

    I'd put matches between non-title feuding superstars on this too. (they can cut promo's before or after matches)

    Second Hour: Tag Team Champ match, US Champ Match and IC Champion Match. (Put in promo's where needed)

    Third Hour: Promo for the main event, WHC Match, Pre-Main event match and finally the Main event of the evening, which includes the WWE Champion.

    For the Champion matches, it would be a match with that champion in or a title match. dependent on the circumstances.
  3. I agree with every thing you said Punk, everything.
    Can't add any thing.
  4. An hour of full of recaps would be pretty fucking boring, especially if you watched the week before and already know what's going down...
  5. I don't understand the obsession of having recaps in the first hour. Sometimes with the amounts of feuds you are given, you need a quick reminder. Instead of a random recap in the first hour about Miz/Cesaro, why not just have one quick recap before their segment on RAW? That way the reason they are feuding is engraved in your head right before they come out to do their segment. It's only when the same recaps are ridiculously frequent that they become a problem.

    I do like the idea of an hour long pre-show for the first hour with social media interaction for those casuals. You could use it for build and just anything that shouldn't be on the main show. Then you just hype the show in that hour and the second hour is when RAW begins.
  6. Hate the recaps, they show what it's supposed that yo have seen last week...
  7. I totally want the CW division to be revived, just give it the first hour of the show, it will give much more TV time for many talented and underrated high flyers that WWE has. guys like Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, Hunico and many others.
  8. The bad thing is not the three-hour format in itself, but the fact that WWE tries to stretch their two-hour format into a three-hour show.
  9. I wouldn't keep any set structure for all too long. I'd have one for awhile until a status quo develops and then change it about month after that. Status quo's suck, so even if it's something relatively minor I'd switch the ordering around a bit. Don't think the first hour would be any countdown-esque show before Raw, to be honest an hour of that sounds really boring and unnecessary with WWE.com. I also would keep recaps to a bare minimum. To the point where some episodes won't even feature them. The viewers aren't goldfish and if they are, every segment on the show is preceded by entrances. Have the commentators fill us in on the story going around with that wrestler. Otherwise, the OP is probably what I'd start off with.
  10. A cruiser weight division in the first hour would be awesome.
  11. It's a silly idea, but bear with me here: Last time I watched the UFC on Fox, they had a big broadcast booth to discuss the action on top of pure commentary. Why not steal something like that from them? (Lord knows they've taken enough from pro wrestling)

    Every few segments or so, they can send it up to the broadcast booth for four guys sitting around a table (I'd pick Scott Stanford to ask the questions, Matt Striker to know things, then Boo0ker and JBL) to discuss what went on, and it would also be a place for all the Touts and other social media crap. (AJ Lee would be perfect for that role) While the UFC did this to really break down the action, WWE would use this more to get characters/angles over...

    Show Spoiler

    Stanford: "And we just saw something mind-blowing from CM Punk... he just stole Undertaker's urn!
    Booker: "How low can you go? What in the heyul would get a man to do such a crazy thing like that?
    JBL: "Punk would, because Punk's smart. He's making the Undertaker angry, causing him to wrestle sloppy at 'Mania! He's got him right where he wants him!"
    Book: "Right where he wants him? Way I see it he just to shut the door on his own coffin, dawg. Taker's gonna knock his little punk head off"
    Striker: "Lets not forget about the other advantage nobody's talking about... maybe Punk is wanting Taker to lose his cool and get disqualified?"
    JBL: "You're right, isn't Punk the smartest guy you've seen in the WWE? He's going to be the one to end the streak"
    Book: "Dawg it'll be a cold day in d;fineo;fisetns;b;aruene;sngfes;kfj"
    Striker: "Lets send it back to the announce deck for Dolph Ziggler vs Daniel Bryan, two guys who always steal the show whenever they're in the ring. Cole and Lawler, take it away!"

    Not only would this help break up the monotony of the show, but lord knows WWE needs a way to fill time besides more pointless recaps. Not just that but it'll help Cole stay doing pure play-by-play (which he's excellent at. getting angles over not so much) and maybe it'll force them to add more talking points to the show so they can do this, which should help Lawler out as well (can't hurt).
  12. Personally I'd stop having as much crossover between the two shows as well. We have 4 belts so in theory get two on each show and build feuds for them separately. My reason being we could then build a string mid card around the IC and US belts one on each show. Also as ppl state maybe reignite the cruiserweight belt and use that for new up and comers and defend that both shows to start building some future stars. This could be same with the tag belts both shows plenty of people to use and get them some tv time. Ppl like Ryder could thrive in these circumstances and they could build a good level mid carder from him. Thats just one example.
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