I lost 16 followers because of Hitler

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Sep 21, 2012.

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  1. So I got asked the question on Twitter via ASK.FM

    Was Hitler a successful leader?

    Now there's plenty of ways I could have tackled the question. I could have even included a joke or two but I answered the question with full honesty.

    I replied Hitler was a great, successful leader He turned Germany from a ruined, fragmented country into one of the most formidable powerful countries around in such a short period of time.

    He wrote first law of protecting animal rights in Germany, He fighted Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer, Nazi scientists were the first to definitively link lung cancer and cigarette smoking thanks to Hitlers Anti Tobacco campaigns.

    Organized crime was brought to 0% during his time in charge.

    The first motorways in the world were built in Germany, which basically everyone copied. Hitler eliminated unemployment throughout Germany, and saved the country from financial meltdown.

    First jet fighters, bombers, First Stealth Planes, first stealth submarine, first rockets, nuclear weapons, orbitals bombers, first helicopters were all developed by Third Reich.

    So what I'm saying is Do you think Hitler was a successful leader?
  2. Successful? Yes

    A docuhe bag? The biggest one
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  3. Don't get me started on this topic holy mother fucking balls
  4. He ended up killing himself...not to successful iyam.
  5. Besides the fact that he didn't like a lot of people and wanted them dead, Hitler was an amazing and amazingly productive leader.
  6. He commanded what was one of the best armies in the history of the world, if not that. I honestly think if he didn't attack Russia, they would have won the war. They weren't ready for the conditions of Russia and the Russians used their familiarity of the land to dominate the Germans. They really underestimated the Russian's ability and because of that they got whooped all over Russia, including Stalingrad and some other place. If Hitler had kept his whole army and tried to not fight a two front war (taking on Russia in the east and UK and US in the west) then things might have been different. They were heavily outnumbered once US and Russia were fighting a full war with all their supplies.

    Looking past his anti semitism, Hitler really was a good leader with great leadership qualities that should be expected of high rankin officers today. The problem is that people just look at him and see him as the Jew hating guy but they don't look past that.
  7. I think a good leader leads by example and earns the respect of his people. A lot of Nazi Germany did not respect or even like hitler. They did what he said out of fear. To me that's not being a good leader. That's being a good bully. I am a coach and teacher. If I get my athletes to do what I want because I scare them, I might have a successful season, but I was not a good leader IMO. Same thing goes for kids behaving in my classroom. If they behave because they are scared of me, they don't think of me as a leader, they think of me as a dictator. It can work temporarily, but does not result in a good leader.
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  8. ^ nice post.
  9. I remember debating this in secondary school and I wrote a long essay on why Hitler was a good leader. Most of them were intelligent to understand I was right, some called me a Nazi. Life goes on, people think praising the evil men in the world is wrong. It's not, some geniuses can be douche bags.
  10. I know the feeling got called Nazi a few times on Twitter, after I posted it.
  11. When dealing with such a controversial topic, you'll often encounter a handful of nearsighted people. They're pretty much blinded by what society tells them. When I come across people like that, I try to back up my claims with facts and stuff, and if that doesn't work, then I'll just leave them alone. :pity:
  12. Meh, it baffles me. If Stephan Hawking turned evil and used all his work to try and take over the world, would he no longer be considered a genius?
  13. IT's because he killed so many people because they were different from what he wanted that people don't want to admit he was smart. I don't give a fuck about him, he was smart and he rebuilt his country, but he also killed my people so fuck him. He's not stupid, but I'm glad he's fucking dead, wished I would have done it myself. And probally yeah, people would deny Hawking.
  14. an evil genius :burns:
  15. Honestly even though intellectuals can separate his leadership skills from his evil qualities it is probably a good thing that the overwhelming majority of the world just associates him with being a rotten son of a bitch. It is sort of a pretty big trump card. Yea he was a talented leader and a helluva speaker to have so much of his country's population blindly following him, but the atrocities he carried out make it more than justifiable for his name in the history books to be synonymous with nothing more than being an evil, genocide committing crazy bastard.
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  16. Yes, yes he was. Though if he was able to eliminate all the Jews we wouldn't have Larry David and that would sukk
  17. Hitler would have made a great Roman Emperor. He knew that the people needed bread and circuses to distract them from their daily existences. He also knew that he needed to keep the military strong and active to keep it happy. And he knew when he needed to be loved and, possibly more importantly, when he needed to be feared. Most people today can't imagine that anyone could have ever respected and loved Hitler, but the truth is that he was loved and respected before he was feared. It was only after the war had drug on for a few years (much longer than he had promised it would take and much longer than it had initially appeared the war would take...remember, France fell only a few months after the invasion of Poland; it was literally Great Britain alone against the Third Reich) that he had to start using the "rule through fear" approach with his own citizens (he wasn't worried about being loved in the occupied territories, as he didn't believe the people there were part of his "master race").

    Unfortunately, for Germany, Hitler, and the rest of the world, Hitler also had the great failing of many Roman Emperors, particularly the later Roman Emperors, in that his ideal society was not one based on morality but one based on an idealized reality that would lead to a lot of deaths in order to be achieved (much like Nero, Caligula, etc.). In his particular case, this would lead to the deaths of Jews, African-heritaged peoples/Blacks, homosexuals, communists, Freemasons (it wasn't just your people, Faarooq), Slavs, Gypsies, and a bunch more I can't remember on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

    Hitler's other major weakness was his own fear. What you have to remember is that those who rule through fear do so because they have so much fear themselves. He was afraid that these groups would poison his perfect society and master race, either racially, socially, or politically. And he didn't believe, in the end, that Germans had the moral strength to deny these other groups on their own, so they must be eliminated.

  18. Wackokid27, If I remember correctly he was also not that good a military commander either? He overruled Rommel's plan to take control of Africa which would have worked if I remember correctly and then had Rommel kill himself when Hitler's plan didn't work. He also forced the German army into Russia in the middle of winter, something no one has succeeded in.
  19. Hitler was a great leader who did terrible things. Those are all facts (aside from him restoring the German economy because Germany suffered detrimentally during the post war era thanks to his work). The reason you lost followers is because it seems like you're almost praising him. If you had acknowledged some of the bad the result wouldn't have been as bad.

    You know how us Americans can be.

    America #1 Fuck Yeah! Boobs and Baseball 4 Life! :win:
  20. He was a terrible military commander. He just believed in putting plenty of money and emphasis on the military. He only made it to the rank of Corporal in the German Army for a reason. He couldn't even make Sergeant during the First World War, which was very unusual.

    He overruled Rommel's plans in Normandy, not Africa. Rommel was Hitler's favorite general and they only had one military disagreement. Hitler was convinced the invasion of Europe would come at the Pas de Calais. Rommel believed it would come at Normandy (in all fairness, an invasion at Calais made military sense and had been successful in history;Rommel's intuition was based on the idea that a Calais landing was just so obvious and Normandy seemed to be the only place that the Allies hadn't fainted towards). Then, Valkyrie happened and Rommel was implicated as one of the conspirators. Hitler gave him the choice between committing suicide and his family being spared or Rommel being executed along with his family. And Hitler kept his promise, too. The Rommel family survived the war.

    As for the German invasion of the USSR, The invasion started in early Spring and took longer than Hitler and the German commanders on the Eastern Front thought it would. When they had the opportunity to pull back when Winter started, the commanders in the field convinced him that they could succeed where Napoleon had failed and he allowed them to do so. If anything, he had too much faith in his commanders.

    Hitler's command record, if you will, turned terrible because of bad situations. His generals convinced him they could win in Russia, his best general was part of a conspiracy to assassinate him, the final offensive he ordered (the Battle of the Bulge) almost-but-not-quite succeeded. He went from having all the luck to having nothing but bad luck. It didn't help him that the best commanders in the German military didn't approve personally of the Cult of Hitler and wanted him out, which led to ineffective leadership in the field and incompetent SS thugs being given major combat commands, which led to a tremendous German losing streak.


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