Basketball I love dejected LeBron lol

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 20, 2016.


  1. fuck Cleveland
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  2. LOL, nice steal. LeBron's face said it all.

    :ohyeah2: is the fucking man.
  3. the bewildered look on Bron's face after he realizes it was Steph who ripped him is priceless
  4. Same face glass ankles makes when kwahi body bags that hoe
  5. Lol such a try hard
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  7. inb4 he takes his talents to the Bay Area/San Antonio :pity1: :harvey:
  8. Gotta feel sorry for Lebron. He left the Heat to play in Cavs, and the Cavs are almost as bad as Heat.
  9. Heat were the best team in the East.
    Cavs are the best team in the East.

    Granted the East sucks compared to the West but still :pity1:
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  10. Lebron should leave for San Antonio at this point. Or just join the Bay. As long as he can swallow his pride, and leave for a third time, he's good. He messed up by joining the Cavs. He ain't getting another ring.
  11. hoe is a gardening tool, you ho.
  12. Warriors are signing Durant then baby Bron Bron never wins another ring
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  13. I think KD will go to gs, or ny. Praying for my but why? KD and unicorn might be ight tho