I love Joey Ryan but...

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  1. Now I know the pitch forks will be out, but on the mic, I find him dull as fuck. I love his character, I love his attitude, I love the look, everything about him is charisma, but on the mic he just makes me feel awkward. Any of you agree? Or am I opening a can of whoop ass on myself?
  2. He's not hideous but not exciting in what he says or even how he says it but his body language screams sexy mofo especially when he has that lean.
  3. He's the perfect example of how you don't need to be amazing at mic skills to have charisma and get over, but I'm still sort of disappointed being the "mic skills" mark I am.
  4. Yeah I agree. Gotta admit sometimes when he talks he makes me cringe.

    Still charismatic as fuck though. Love how him and Hardy are some of the most charismatic people in TNA, yet both make me cringe when they speak. queue dolph's to call me an idiot for thinking hardy is charismatic
  5. Yep, you're definitely right, he's not very good on the mic but still oozes with charisma
  6. I partly disagree because I've seen more of him than probably anyone else here on the mic (probably in ring too, but just trying to make a point about the mic, lol). #PWG

    He can cut some badass promos if he's willing to, trust me. I've seen them.

    Right now, he's just solid on the mic IMO. Even on his Gutcheck back in May, he didn't cut a good promo. Decent, but that's it. Bottom line, he can when wants too, but right now, he's just decent, yeah.
  7. I think you are supposed to feel awkward when he's on the mic. That's his gimmick lol

  8. here is some of him in PWG
  9. I don't like Joey Ryan too much. #13%
  10. :annoyed:
  11. I don't mind it really. I just like seeing him around, he is a very entertaining guy overall, so something like this doesn't bother me, plus it's not all that bad.
  12. True this. He's more charismatic than half of the roster which says a lot since TNA has a lotta charisimatic wrestlers.
  13. I think it's great personally, he plays his role extremely well on the mic. I don't really know what else he is meant to do besides the stuff he does at the moment, it's not like he's gonna be doing intense shit.
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