I love Kevin Steen

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Arrow, Mar 3, 2012.

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  1. One out of two of my favorite Indy Wrestlers. The dude is a fricken beast and is funny as hell on mic.. He is the perfect example of "perfect".. Here is one of his promos..

    Kevin Steen and El Generico Tag Teaming :emoji_grin:

  2. No wonder why Rock loves him too. Guy should be in WWE.
  3. The dude is so awesome, WWE should really sign Kevin Steen, AJ Styles, and El Generico... That would be Vinces' best decision possible.. Even if he had to pay Styles 5 million, he would make that profit back in a year or two..
  4. I doubt any of those would make it past the mid card. Steen might be able too. Styles might, depends how over he'd be. Would love to see them reinvent the mid-card and tag-team division however. Styles is completely loyal to TNA though so it's highly unlikely.
  5. Styles doesn't really draw tbh. Not to mention they don't care a great deal about wrestling. Styles would probably be treat really bad due to him being TNA's poster boy also, after all Vince must make the competition look bad. Generico is made for the WWE and I'm not sure on Steen the talent is there but would he get the freedom?
  6. Questions we'll most likely never get to see answered. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Steen probably will get there eventually he's making too many shockwaves at such a young age. I agree we'll never know with AJ.
  8. Yeah, WWE superstars that leave WWE end up on TNA, or a handful of them anyway, never the oposite if you have noticed. I think TNA gives more freedom, and superstars like it better there even know the paycheck probably isn't that big.

    I agree with you there though @[seabs] Generico is meant for the WWE.
  9. Christian Cage, Chris Harris, Kazarian, CM Punk, MVP, Evan Bourne, Rtruth, Mick Foley, Monty Brown, Kevin Nash and Jeff Hardy all went from TNA to the WWE in some form. #JustBeingCleverHere
  10. Kevin Steen is seriously awesome, one of the best heels in the world.

    But Super Dragon used to hate him back in 2005:
  11. I always smile like a crazy bastard when I see that gif.
  12. CM Punk came from TNA...?

  13. ROH and TNA had an agreement to loan talent between them until the Rob Feinstein (?) issue.
  14. CM Punk and Julio Dinero were a decent tag team in TNA. They had some good matches, especially the hardcore stuff. Nothing too memorable, though. If you want, I can post some media links here.
  15. CM Punk was never officially part of the TNA roster, was he?
  16. I think he was just not exclusively similarly to a lot of talent in the start.
  17. Oh, I see. By the way, that match you posted was excellent. I enjoyed watching every minute of it.
  18. Learnt something new today. I loved Punk's hair back then.
  19. I quite liked it when he had some purple in it, like in his ROH title reign. At least he had some purple at one point during it.
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