I love Team Hell No, but...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. They're getting stale for me. They arrive, win (or mostly lose now), and argue. I loved it beforehand when there were different backstage skits and comedic scenes and such, there was much more variety. Now they're being lazy and just sending them out there because they're over.

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  2. I agree with your opening statement. Therefore the solution of the situation would be to do more backstage skits.
  3. And have more segments dedicated to their feud. I have no idea who the tag-team champions are even feuding with now.
  4. I'm not actually sure. I thought it was Rhode Scholars? or Was it PTP? I have no clue.
  5. They did great at first and was the most entertaining part of Raw. Now it's kind of getting old and the only reason I pay attention is because of DB. I'm hoping they drop them soon for another run by Kane and DB getting some WHC love by Mania to avenge last year.
  6. They were supposed to feud with Rhodes Scholars, they've had some segments dedicated to it on Smackdown, both in ring and backstage but with the whole Cody injury thing they seem to be leaning them towards PTP.

    But yes. It is getting a bit old, not the fault of Daniel and Kane though, they are doing great with the material they are given. I think it is the uncertainty of who they are feuding with that is slowing it down.
  7. I agree 100%. The act has so few dimensions... there's the arguing, the "I am the tag team champions!", the weird finishes, the goat face jokes, the Kane psychopath references... They need to add more dimensions to the act, or just go back to what got them over in the first place.

    And where is Doctor Shelby? Dude was awesome.
  8. I wish they continued the beating the shit out of each other stuff. I would love them to destroy opponents, then constantly have massive brawls afterwards. Have Kane slam Bryan through a table on SmackDown, but on RAW they beat the #1 contenders. It's like they hate each other so much that they love each other. Mix that with entertaining comedic therapy sessions and other backstage segments and you have an amazing tag-team.
  9. Harold needs to be their manager. He would bring freshness to this team, and he could be the WHC champion while they are the tag team champions.
  10. You guys were the ones who said. "OMG the Daniel Bryan/Kane skits are so epic!!!". You wanted more and WWE gave it to you.

    Just because something isn't bad, doesn't make it good by default.

    The doctor segments were designed to turn Bryan into a comical face and you all ate it up

    The saddest part of all this is, all of you knew this would happen and simply ignored in hopes it would end differently

    WWE fans have a habit of accepting mediocrity. Instead of turning off the TV, you turn it on and watch programming that's far too predictable
  11. The Anger Management segments were really good though. (Mostly because of Kane's awkward involvement, but w/e). It's right out of the BookDust playbook from the AE, nothing wrong with having a little dumb fun with a small part of your show.

    Yeah, they turned Bryan into a comedy character, but it was one that we actually enjoyed for a little while, and they can easily flip the switch and make him a serious heel anytime. Think we all realized the tag-team had a very short shelf life, but dammit, there was something we really enjoyed on WWE programming for once and we didn't want to ruin that.
  12. Comedy characters aren't bad anyway, people just seem to think of Santino when they're mentioned. If your character makes people laugh then that's a huge bonus.
  13. Bryan is more of a babyface Kurt Angle when it comes to comedy anyway
  14. Yep, they're getting stale. More backstage skits/dimensions to the team are needed. I think Vince already forgot what he did on the start of the storyline and is lost.
  15. They are becoming stale but its still better than random tag matches. They just need to build it more by that i mean not always matches with PTP an Rhodes Scholars but get the other teams involved Epico an Primo, The Uso's an get a real division going so when DB does leave they still have ppl to fun with.
  16. It was ok to start with now personally it's just getting on my nerves! "NO I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS" but hey that's my opinion :emoji_grin:
  17. Ascension need to come up and feud with them.
  18. I'd actually quite like to see that for a fued going into 'Mania with Ascension taking the titles, although they would have to keep the tag division interesting somehow between now and then with THN already getting stale.
  19. They got boring every quick..

    They just are there.. Time to pass the belts over and go solo. DB going for gold and Kane for wins or jobs.
  20. This would be awesome get them feuding have PTP in the mix as well interfering they drop the belts an move on an PTP an Ascension feud. Would love a triple threat TLC for them to lose the belts.
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