Kayfabe I May Be A Little Rusty

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  1. *Exodus continues after a commercial break, featuring Luis Alvarado promoting a really bad Booty-O's ripoff, the crowd are anxious to see what Exodus has in store when an unfamilar theme starts playing.*

    *Tyson Frost comes out from the curtain wearing a pale blue "Godzilla says drugs are the real monster" T-Shirt, ripped jeans with Chuck Taylor converses and light up rave glasses, due to
    this drastic change, the crowd seem to cheer even louder than ever before. He makes his way down the ramp, high fiving audience members, as he reaches the steps, he is given a microphone and as he stands on the apron, he takes off his light up glasses and throws into the front row, where a fangirl catches them. He enters the ring and hypes up the crowd as his music fades.*

    Tyson: Awww, you guys missed me! That's awesome!

    *The crowd responds with ear shattering cheers.*

    Tyson: I missed you too. Anyway, Imma get straight down to business. You see, my last match here...well, let's just admit, I ballsed it up pretty badly. Got myself put on the shelf with an injury, a minor concussion and a nasty knee injury. But, I worked harder than ever to make it back here after I had been told numerous times that I would have to wait until next year, so I told them fuck you, I'm Tyson Frost, I'll be there with bells on earlier than you expect. Due to my being absent, I wasn't able to keep up with Exodus, so imagine my surprise when I find out that JJ Colton, the man I faced for the Iron Man Championship, lost to the Generic Emo, Des Pierson...Des Pierseson....Des P-The dick that has to rely on other people's mic skills to get ahead.

    Now, JJ, buddy, pal, not-so-much-old friend of mine, what happened? You're a humble dude and I respect that but you don't seem to have that much swagger and self-confidence. So, you might have dropped the ball with Des, but you won it back, right? No? Oh...uhh, ok. Well, you might just be a bit scared of Des. I don't see why, he's just a generic guy, with generic emo piercings and a generic tattoo that I swear I've seen on someone else, but whenever I try to remember it feels like a riot is taking place in my mind.

    So, I come back, smiling, happy and ready to entertain the fans when I walk up to the match card for this week and see Tyson Frost vs JJ Colton. At first, I was a bit disappointed, but then, I thought about it and came to the conclusion that there is no better comeback match for a returning superstar, then a match against the guy that put him on the shelf.

    Listen, JJ, I like you. I think you can be a big star, maybe the biggest star in this company, but the thing is....I need to win this. Or at least, I need to know that I'm not as rusty as I think I am. So, I'm asking you, give me everything you've got and more, no holding back. Because I know that you want to walk down that ramp, step in the ring and say "This is my yard!" Because you're American. I'm English, so it's a garden to me. I want to walk down that ramp, get in this ring and say that "This is my garden! Get out of my garden!" So, I will bring 150% of what I've got. So, until then my weird, wacky weekend friend....stay frosty!

    *Tyson hands the mic back to the ring crew and his theme starts playing again, he taunts a bit more before exiting the ring, high fiving fans as he makes his way up the ramp.*

    Honorable Mentions: @Emo @InFaMoUs1