I miss 2012 TNA

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Dec 31, 2013.

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  1. I was so hooked on the 2012 TNA product. Roode's uprising with Aries. Hot damn that shit was amazing. We should appreciate that year in this thread right now.

    For TNA oldfags, was this a candidate for GOAT TNA year? Or were the earlier ones equal to it or better?
  2. 2005/6 from what I hear and have gone back to watch is probably a better year overall, but 2012 was addictive for sure. I looked forward to impact every week in 2012
  3. 2012 was the greatest year, but 05 was awesome too. Things I miss from 2012, hmmm,

    Morgan & Crimson teaming
    Bobby Roode the centre of attention every week
    12 PPV's
    Tag division
    X-Division (Kid Kash)
    The rise of Aries
    Sting being GM
    Jeff Jarrett

    What I don't miss:

    Gave up on TNA months ago.
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  4. 2008 was pretty damn good from what I remember too, the Joe vs Angle matches were special.

    2012 was great though.
  5. That year was the first time I had heard of TNA (I was just coming back to wrestling) and also the first time I had watched the product and it was f'n awesome. As for it being the GOAT TNA year, I can't really say so as it is the only year I have watched, but I was really impressed with the product they were putting out every week. I remember some awesome BFG matches like Storm vs. Styles, Angle vs. Hardy, Angle vs. Joe, etc. Much more good matches, but can't seem to remember anymore right now. I think it was a really good year for TNA and hopefully someday TNA recuperates the excellence that they had in 2012, the same excellence that got me hooked on to their matches, episodes and PPV's.
  6. I liked 2008 a lot. I think we had an awesome Joe/Angle match, Gail Kim/Awesome Kong, Christian Coalition/Team Angle, etc.

    Great year.
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  7. Fun game: Someone post some great TNA moments from 2012 that didn't include Aries or Roode.

    tough task
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  9. Christian's appearance was just awkward. I forgot Park started in 2012, he was gold early on.
  10. I liked him appearing. What they had him do was pretty lame.
  11. I was sort of shocked WWE allowed it, but it seemed like he wasn't comfortable being there. He definitely didn't seem like himself cutting that promo.
  12. At least we got this beautiful picture.
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