I Miss Him...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by edge4ever, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. I miss him....


    I was just watching the triple threat match at the 2015 rumble... And I miss Seth Rollins... I hope to God he returns as a face... And reigns goes heel. It would be fucking awesome. What do you think will happen with Rollins when he returns?
  2. He'll have to be a babyface surely, few guys return from a serious injury as a heel. I'd mark if his return ended up with a short term shield reunion, no idea how it'd work but Seth coming back to help his brothers and the other two reluctantly reaccepting him for some reason (I have no idea what) would be a great dynamic.
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  3. I miss him, too! Can't wait for him to return. Babyface Rollins will be awesome. Hope Reigns is THE heel when Rollins returns and we get The Shield triple-threat at SummerSlam.
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  4. Of course he'll return as a babyface. I'm sure he'll still be "buds" with The Authority in some way too, but he'll make the "official' turn shortly after by either attacking or being attacked by HHH in some kind of dramatic scenario.

    If they hadn't of banned it as a move, then him ditching HHH's pedigree (since he would want to shed himself of all of HHH/The Authority's influence) and bringing back the Curb Stomp and proceeding to stomp HHH's skull into the mat would be an awesome mark-out moment. Potentially a career-defining moment, even.

    There's like three or four different ways I can think of that you book his face turn around, but the most likely one is that he'll return and face Reigns in a quasi-face vs face match at Battleground, lose, and then Hunter will turn on him to build a match with him at Summerslam. Or maybe Hunter will try interfering in the Battleground match and instead of helping Rollins, end up accidentally costing him the match instead, leading to Rollins getting in Hunter's face over it and receiving a beat-down for it.
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  5. I bet you...2 dollars he shows up at Wrestlemania :emoji_slight_smile:

    P.S. Of course I miss him too...
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  6. I really think this would be the match "too big for mania"... Best idea for him so far.
  7. Big Babyface pop when he returns. By summer the roster could be stacked with talent. Hopefully no on else gets seriously injured. Cena, Orton, and Cesaro will return. Hopefully Balor, Zayn, Samoa Joe, Nakamura all get get bumped up by Summerslam.
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  8. dude if he finds a way into that Hell in a Cell... :damn:
  9. He will have a pop ala HHH after the run back in the day, and i'll be a mafk popping.
  10. And I'll be wanting you
  11. That's certainly an option, however I am thinking more in the main event...
  12. hope he will comeback soon. Seth Rollians is a great wrestler no doubt.......
  13. You know what I think would be REALLY cool? If the Wyatt Family was built up properly, like Wyatt is this Singles competitor who goes unbeaten and is a real beast - Harper becomes the IC champion and both Rowan and Strowman take the Tag Team titles (leading to some interesting freebird defences), and finally Wyatt decides that the time is right to finally win the WWE title as it is the final way to truly completely destroy the machine and make everyone fear him. He tears through the champion, Ambrose, and Reigns is powerless against Strowman. Ambrose and Wyatt go in a Steel Cage match and go to war with each other, with Reigns injuring Harper in kayfabe but with Rowan and Strowman still too strong. They are all in the hell, the Wyatt Family are destroying Ambrose and Reigns when suddenly... Rollins' music hits!? But nobody comes out. And then someone is on top of the cage behind the Wyatts! They jump down and take out the Wyatts and they take off their mask. It's... SETH ROLLINS! He triple powerbombs Wyatt and Ambrose takes back the title. We then get a 'Winners Take All' match between Bray, Strowman and Rowan and the reunited SHIELD, where the SHIELD win and take the titles. Ambrose fights Rollins for the big one and Ambrose finally gets one over on Rollins. However, Harper shows up and beats the crap about of Bray. Triple H, a possessed Undertaker and another few heels take out the rest of the Wyatts and Reigns. Harper fights Ambrose as Triple H asks Rollins if he's back on his side or not; Rollins says "No." and gets beaten down. The Authority is back to reclaim control of RAW, and Rollins is here to finally do what he should've done all along. Fight The Authority with his brothers, as part of... The SHIELD.
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