I miss it so much already

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  1. Bobby Roode's reign :((

    When is this piece of perfection going to get reign #2?
  2. #StillTheChamp
  3. No but seriously, after Hardy wins the belt at BFG (ugh) I suspect that will open the door for Roode since the stipulation with Aries was he couldn't get another title shot as long as he was champ.
  4. It was indeed a good reign, but I really like Aries as champ as well. Really hope Hardy doesn't win..
  5. Hardy's going to win, than Roode and than Storms.
    Storms can win it to before Roode.
  6. Rooooooooooooooooooooooooodeeee 4ever, bro.
  7. Aries will win at BFG. Aries = Greater than Bobby Roode.
  8. Fuck No! ROODE! > Aries
  9. Did MVP just get the BFG main event wrong?
  10. Wouldn't be the first time he got something wrong. :haha:
  11. To right.
  12. I'm tired of everyone swinging from MVP's nuts all the time. Nowhere did be say Roode vs Aries was the ME of BFG.

    He said Aries would retain at BFG and that Aries > Roode.
  13. By the way that was my interpretation too, just sensed a pun opportunity :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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