I miss it too much.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Feb 27, 2012.

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  1. This theme:

  2. It is a great theme but I still prefer Cult Of Personality :

    His entrance was better with TFB's though it's clobbering time fit it better.
  3. Do you prefer it because he had it in RoH or because of the song?

    Watch his MITB entrance, his previous theme MADE that.

    Need to give this theme to a heel Riley in the future.
  4. I actually prefer it as a song and it just fits him better. Lines like I told you one and one makes three and I exploit you still you love me. This Fire Burns was more a case of a kid trying to make it with lines like "Destiny must be for filled". Its things like that which can make a character for me. MITB was epic but I still prefer it. If it was me he'd come out to AFI. God that was a classic.
  5. Link the AFI song :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Just found it done with TFB's tron. It looks amazing imo.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JH3GUQKvdeM Not sure if it's better for you to watch it on here or youtube so here is the link.
  7. That's an amazing song, god he's had quite a few decent ones throughout his career :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:unk:.

    I think it'd need to start at like 1:20 to work in WWE thought it's too slow at the beginning.
  8. I'd have it start at about 1:10 just because I like the intro. It's a shame he didn't use it during his SES run, that video made me see it just fits the gimmick. He has had some great themes, yeah. I don't really like AFI's style of music but I love that song, I tried listening to their other songs but never really got into it.

    Off topic but I found this on my laptop and just uploaded it
  9. Sometimes... sometimes it's best to let the company choose your theme... they can be more objective

    Case in point: Legend Killer Randy Orton and 'The Fire Burns'

    Burn in My Light is easier to listen to, but Voices is better if I'm moody

    Sometimes a person's opinion of themselves is convoluted. Orton isn't a an outcast, he was born to be a wrestler.

    WWE gives songs that fit the wrestler, whereas a wrestler will pick a theme they personally mark for.
  10. Just watched that vid seabs, nice one :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I prefer wrestlers having more control on their themes, normally it reflects what sort of person they are. Else you end up with Wade Barrett's theme.
  11. The Killswitch song was my favorite Punk entrance song (he's only had 2 right?). I used to listen to Killswitch in grade school so hearing that was always awesome for me.
  12. 3 songs ^

    All posted in this thread I believe.
  13. He's had more obviously but these are the most known ones.
  14. This fire burns basically defined CM Punk.
  15. The Killswitch Engage song was good, especialy in his ECW time.
    But now, Cult Of Personality fits him well.
  16. One of the greatest themes of all time. It's underrated.
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