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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sooo Kia, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. My day off today, obviously, so I decided to start a game here. When I don't hear from certain people I usually wonder where life has taken them. Sooo, in honor of the people returning today, I will start.

    This person may be dead, alive, celebrity or a member of this forum

    Name of person :


    What they might be up to:

    I miss JoeRulz

    Because his taste in wrestling was eclectic (sp)

    He might be off traveling somewhere, since I get that kind of vibe

    This game isn't so serious and if need be can be fun For example: Jimi Hendrix is really sleeping in a club in Bosnia LOL
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  2. Name of person : Some Girl

    Why: Haven't seen her in 4 months and lost contact

    What they might be up to: College
  3. I'm not trying to be a GNazi, but I'm just trying to figure out what word you used - do you mean eccentric?

    Anyway, Charlie Sheen being on two and half men. The guys all had such great chemistry and the show was fantastic IMO.

    Oh and the poster Cloud as well, such a nice guy and great poster to have around the forums.
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Manchester United
    He's at Real Madrid :upset:
  5. Name of person : A friend which is a girl

    Why: We haven't talked in ages, and she was amazing.

    What they might be up to: Laying on a beach, topping up her tan.
  6. Ha! I mean eclecic, R'Albin. He had varied tastes in wrestling and I knew could go to him for different ideas on how I might approach an 'angle'. He never hesitated to make an interesting suggestion.
  7. eclectic*

    You spelled it right in your original post, lol.

    I too miss Joe actually.
  8. I miss: Kurt Cobain

    Why: He had an interesting way of expressing his anger

    Where might he be now : In a cave, hiding from Conformity
  9. There you go, WWEforums is educational!

    And yeah Joe watched so many shows lol, no idea how he managed to find the time, so dedicated.
  10. Netter :smug:
  11. JoeRulz prefers that other wrestling forum. don't ask me why
  12. There's another wrestling forum? :notsure:
  13. I miss: Saturday Morning Cartoons and Disney Afternoon

    Why: Cartoons stink now

    Where they might be now: In a fault being guarded by underpaid security
  14. Anyway, I'll do this

    Name of person : J Springs (XBL friend turned IRL friend)

    Why: A few years back he ate some bad shellfish, fainted, fell down some stairs, hit his head and passed a few days later.

    What they might be up to: Chillin

    RIP Squad, he was a great friend.

    sorry for the debbie downer post.. but thinking about someone i missed made me think of him
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  15. Allegedly, and apparently I used to post there. I have no recollection of this though :burns:
  16. :eww: That place is horrible.

    Currently banned from there by the way :lol1:
  17. I never go there anymore. I slowly phased that site out of my online rotation
  18. Exactly what I did lol. Then made a pointless return and had a drunk rant when I came home from the Scotland match on how this place was better lmao. I've no idea how that place can be as shit as it is.

    Oh and sorry to hear about your mate.
  19. I miss: Spice Girls

    Why: I was an huge fan

    Where are they now: Married to Futbol stars, I'd say
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  20. Thanks man. It's been about 3 years since it happened but I still think about him quite a bit. We met over XBL and became such good friends that I stayed at his place for a week one summer. He lived in Vegas... it was a great experience; went to my only UFC Event with him (UFC 86)

    Now I'm just bumming myself out thinking about it. Again, apologies for dragging this thread down this path.
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