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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Once again, pre-show I am beginning to tire. This isn't like last week though, I'm genuinely struggling to keep my eyes open. From this point on I need to adjust my late night eating so that it gives me energy bursts at the exact right time.

    Now what definitely helped me through Money in the Bank was the constant intake of Irn Bru, kept me awake for the entire night - along with the Ziggler marking and the £94.

    So, next to me I have a packet of Dairylea dunkers - Ritz cracker version - which I am munching away at, but I get the feeling the rest of my food intake could be paramount to whether I make the next 4 hours or not.

    Now your immediate reaction probably is - eat loads of sugary crap - but I'm not certain this is the right route to go. I may suffer from an energy low mid-show and that's a horrible thought.

    So out of this lot, what should I have to eat: Disco crisps, - salt and vinegar so really tingly - Italian breadsticks, more dairylea dunkers, a minty club bar, some cheese and biscuits or some Belgian chocolates? Also, as an extra request, how should I schedule the eating of said foods? That may also be pivotal.

    Many of you diehards reading this thread may scoff at my pathetic effort at staying awake, but unlike you all I'm not mortal when it comes to sleeping; so find it in your hearts to help me, you've got no idea how important this.
  2. Food makes you tired.
    Drink ice cold water.
  3. Music helps me stay awake, put some headphones on.
  4. Jonathon - as long as I don't fill myself to the brim, food actually helps me through the night in moderation.

    Yeah but I have to use them to watch Raw and they hurt my ears if I have them on for too long :emoji_slight_frown:

    Infact, add breaks, that could be an idea!
  5. Staying awake varies from diffrent people, I have a bowl of snacks, Ice cold Milkshakes, and Coca-Cola, also I have plenty of "Boost" (Energy Drinks) they get me by. :-)
  6. Food actually does help if it's food you actively chew on/food that requires a lot of bites. I'd stock on food and drink, and watch something entertaining or perhaps listen to music and post around. Make your surroundings too uncomfortable to sleep in. Also, water on the face & eyes and strip down so you feel cold.
  7. Chewy food and uncomfortable sleeping area I've never done before, wooden chair + lots of lights on me thinks. Also an open window so I'm cold, I can't sleep when I'm cold.
  8. Get 4L of irn-bru like me.
  9. Actually, speaking from experience, lights make me more tired. I sit here in the pitch black and it's easier to stay awake than if it were lit up. Though I have something wrong with me where I literally despise lights so this could be completely inaccurate.

    Stack yourself with fluid though. It'll make you need to pee a lot. Remember to be cold, it helps a lot. Jumper off, t-shirt with window wide open. Also, keep posting. Long posts, but make sure you're into them. Keep the brain active. Also (so many also's), you're a big Hibbs fan, watch montages on your players. It takes up a lot of time. Once RAW is on and you're in the discussion thread I trust you won't fall asleep.
  10. Get a bag of frozen peas, wrap in towel, put on feet.

    It's physically impossible to sleep with cold feet.
  11. I love made up "facts". It's also physically impossible to sleep naked when you have lots of chest hair.
  12. Can vouch for this.
  13. You've no idea what an hour of sleep before a live show feels like! I really suggest having a nap and putting an alarm on for 10 minutes before the show starts.. i just woke up and feel like i sleep for 8hours!!!


    not that you can do it now... but for future
  14. I've heard this too. It's something I can never commit myself too as I either can't hear the alarm in an hour or I panic so much about missing something that I keep waking up every 2 minutes.
  15. Vince I would just fall back asleep, that won't work.

    The funny thing I actually got my Mum to go out and buy some for me today!
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