TV I need a new series to watch

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. Preferably something good.

    Suggestions :hmmm:
  2. You watched True Detective?

    Try Fargo, I didn't see it myself, but the movie is GOAT and I keep hearing nothing but LOVE for the TV adaptation.

    I checked few random episodes of Veep, it looks like a good comedy, it's actually funny.
  3. True Detective looks legit. Woody is my nigga. Only 8 eps though, that will last me like 2 days
  4. True Detective
    The Walking Dead
    The Shield
  5. TWD will never happen
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  6. Shame. The fifth season is awesome right now, even if a couple of the earlier seasons dragged a bit.
  7. 1. Masters of Sex (Drama taking place in the 50s documenting the hardships that William Masters faced during his famous sex study. Excellent cast, writing, and acting, only watch if you don't mind dialogue driven TV)
    2. Arrow (I'm currently binge watching, 10 episodes in and it's very good.. 40+ episodes to go)
    3. Brooklyn Nine Nine (comedy, Andy Samberg)
    4. House, M.D. (one of the best TV shows ever IMO)
    5. The Twilight Zone (original series) (some of the best writing ever on TV, 50+ years later and it still holds up)
  8. You watched Mad Men yet?
  9. I got into homeland lately.
  10. Dexter. I discarded it at first but watched the pilot and that was all she wrote, 8 Series destroyed in a fortnight.
  11. X-Files
    Bar Rescue
    Reno 911 (prlly watched that already)
    Boardwalk Empire
    Mad Men
  12. True Detective
    Boardwalk Empire
    Mad Men
    Game of Thrones
    Sons of Anarchy
    House of Cards
    The Following is supposedly good, I need to start it soon.
  13. You and me both.. viewing party @ Shadow's crib!!

    I feel like you would be interested in Cathouse the series from HBO D'Z, it's got a solid story :obama:
  14. I'm down. Just bring your own stuff.
  15. btw 'The Blacklist' is another show I hear is really fucking good.. I have time to watch all of these shows but literally cannot decide which one to start next myself.. personally I might just throw them into a hat and draw it out and see what I get.
  16. Have you watched The Office yet? Its the American version, though.
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