I need help. Again.

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  1. Monthsary coming up (it's a Philippine tradition to celebrate your relationship every month, not just every year), and I decided to bake Patrick some cake. I need some witty messages to pipe into the cake. :emoji_grinning: Help? :sad:
  2. "You fill the hole inside of me".
  3. this cake is not a lie, actually it is, it's really a pie.

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  4. Nice, Crayo. But I'm not piping that. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P
  5. - I can’t give you the stars and the sky from one day to another, but if you give me a chance i’ll deliver you each star, one by one.

    - Life has a meaning and Our hearts are full as a Vase with endless water flowing from it’s Enchanting gold and silver spout that is shaped like a heart

    - Somtimes its hard to put feelings in words but i want to know that every minute I am thinking of you wondering wat your up to counting the days till we be together missing u more with passing days.
  6. "Sometimes I fart when I laugh"
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  7. Cheesy, Jose. Cheesy.

    I'm going with "I wanna break up with you.". Then, I'll write a big "NOT!" at the bottom of the box. :emoji_wink:)
  8. "Here, I made you this cake"
  9. All the work of remembering those.. For nothing! :upset:
  10. I said "witty", Jose, not cheesy! :facepalm1:
  11. You said cheesy but :okay:
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