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  1. my playlists are getting old. I need something fresh. hit me up with tracks or albums
  2. Shoulda just tagged me tbh haha. I gotchu.

    Anything by Denzel Curry. Up and coming rapper that I'm sure you've heard of at this point. Will be a big name for years to come, his latest project Imperial is super dope.

    Hotel Paranoia by Jazz Cartier. Just actually listened to this the other day and it's really dope.

    iiiDrops by Joey Purp. Really laid back EP with good features.

    Waking at Dawn by Roy Woods (aka my avatar lol). Mostly R&B but it's got a nice hip-hop vibe to it.

    The Waters by Mick Jenkins. Seriously one of my favorite albums. Suuuuper laid back and perfect for smokin to. He'll be droppin an album called T.H.C. (The Healing Component) any month now so now's a perfect time to get into him.

    Evermore by The Underachievers, one of my favorite albums from 2015. Really unique and introspective shit, would recommend to anyone.

    Mac Miller obviously. Idk how much of him you've listened to but he's the GOAT.

    Tried to give you shit I don't think you've heard before. I could suggest a bunch of trap albums if you're interested (Young Thug, Lil Uzi, Yachty, Yung Lean,etc) but idk your opinion on that stuff so I'll leave it out for now. Got plenty right there tho.
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  3. Anything L'Orange, he is a dank producer and works with different people who constantly do work.
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  4. giving these a listen today, already got 3001 boi
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