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  1. Recently i Started a series of Threads Titled "Dream Matches #___ That i really enjoy posting, im nee to this site a truly appreciate you alls Feedback on the forums. I like the responses i hear and respect the fact there was no trolling.

    Question is do you want me to continue this series of threads on here ?

    I ask because i am planning on writing on a forum of my own and between studying and daily life responsibilites i have little spare time to write these so i need to know your thoughts as i said i really enjoy doing this so can you help me decide how to spend my spare time.

  2. I think it's interesting. Some of them though are to one sided, like Eddie vs Alberto, but then there are close ones like Benoit vs Bryan. I think it's better to make comparisons that are not one sided, and are actual equals.
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  3. I see what you mean about that and i will do that i tried to compare similar gimmicks as in how they would fued having similar characteristics but i totally understand your point!
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  4. I like it. I think you should keep doing it. I like posting my opinion on matches that will never happen but I wish it would. Keep doing it.
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  5. Yeah, it's cool to see who would pick who and why. Don't stop believin'. dumdumdumdumdumdum..
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  6. Definitely. I don't tend to watch anymore outside of PPV's, so threads like these are the only time I can actually participate in while contributing an opinion not based on preconceived notions of the current product.
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  7. Go ahead, just don't do them all in one day.

    Unless you choose to do it like this:

    Day 1
    Superstar Vs Superstar #1
    Gimmick Vs. Gimmick #1
    Storyline #1

    Day 2
    Superstar Vs Superstar #2
    Gimmick Vs. Gimmick #2
    Storyline #2
  8. I like this set up
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