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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. Watched this video around 2 years ago, early 2012. Thought it was interesting.
    Some of you may have seen this, as it was released early 2012.

    The book George Bush was reading to the children on 9/11 was "My Pet Goat"
    Thinking about it randomly, started searching about the symbolism in the short film.
    Came across a few interesting videos. Now I am sure to get a buncha crap from this, but I honestly don't believe any of this is coincidental.
    The artist who scripted the video (the idea of it) talks about it on the site and points out things as well.


    (have to listen to the sound play loudly when he tells you to listen - yes this is far fetched but it is creepy.)

    Website : http://heliofant.com

  2. The Elite are Luciferians and Kabbalists. And this is a fact, because I say so.
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  3. I saw this earlier like... teacher lady, choice of words there. lol
  4. old G.I is full of symbolism and such as well

    (Ignore Alex Jones lol)
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  5. Lol. We must sound like such lunatics :dawg: :tough: \_/
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  6. Damn kids cartoons. Always stuff to be found in them! :lol1: :downer:
  7. \________________________________________________________________________/
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  8. You ever look into the Illuminati card game? It is pretty interesting considering the pictures on the cards were from the 80's. They have the trade towers on there gettin hit by a plane.

    EDIT : the 1995 one is the one with the trade towers on a card.
  9. Hey now! It's Walter White!


  10. My exact reaction when I saw this video 2 years ago. lmao
  11. About to watch all this now, i knew about the upside down book and all that but ill waste 30+ mins to watch this while i do laundry and shit.
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  12. Enter the Stars (who cares how he spells it) Also did a great Boston Marathon one, he links you to some Pyro or Plasma dude..ill have to look it up but jesus christ Brita, there is a solid 5 videos with over 40 mins total lol. Just finally getting around to it now.
  13. Video 1 - trippy as fuck, whoever did it is most likely on glp, BUT great job on the animations and such.
    video 2 - Confusing. Great website - the artist does admit though he just went with whatever he saw. Probably trippin on drugs or the leftovers of LSD.
    video 3 - There is a penis on the chalkboard skeeting into George Bush's fingertip. I lol'd but that's about it. No offense with all the hate im giving, I just don't get how this Canadian Studio's random film is necessary to look so closely into.
    Video 4 - Idiotic. It's like saying that because Miller Park and the ballpark are exactly the same almost, it's a conspiracy. He also failed to mention Sandy hook had the extra building on the side, seperating the two from being "identical." Really stupid video imo.
    Video 5 - Again, reading too far into it.

    Cool website, interesting videos, but all in all just a waste of that dudes time IMO.

    Deth - George bush, illuminati etc - Haha interesting but just not realistic enough for me. I can see them picking out what the teacher taught that day (incredible usage of words lol) and George Bush rocked the book upside down, but all i see is a moron trying to look innocent for something he knew about but let happen.

    The GI Joe shit is incredible, and it fills a grip of shows from then up until now. So damn interesting.
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