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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. >>>>> WWEForums.net merch! <<<<<

    Like Crayo requested.

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  2. I want naming royalties..... Or just send me ten plz!

  3. Only a boss can make this kinda threads. Kudos, pal. :boss:
  4. Liked... 'cus Sandy Ravage sounds like the name of a hooker.
  5. Awesome, you need just the smiley there not the rest (black background and shirt need to go).

    Otherwise, I'ma start selling! :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. You mean .net. :laugh:
  7. .COM?!?!?!:kiss:

  8. .COM?

    YOU F***** TRAITOR!
  9. None of you noticed, till I pointed it out.



    None of you noticed, till I pointed it out.

  10. Damn, BUSTED BIG TIME YEAH! lol
    Will make more tonight.
  11. I noticed your double post though :trolldance:
  12. Allright, here are the new ones. More time in it, hopefully a better result.

  13. I though we were dropping the Xanth is fat gimmick as it wasn't getting him over as a heel GM? Either way cool designs Jose.
  14. PMSL at this thread quality.

    Would defo buy the Xanth one thats so cool.
  15. Nah I was trolling in status box dw. It was because when I was insulting Xanth on that day he kept saying "Why you being mean recently?" and took it to heart, so I decided to rip the piss out of him for that.

    Jose you are officially winning in this thread. +5 rep for those shirts.
  16. It wouldn't have happened if this site didn't lag. :trolldance:
  17. I had to delete a few double posts the other day and it weren't me doing them.
  18. I think it's the slight lag that occurs on the site this leads to the double post, I believe.
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