I question WWE's thinking behind this

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  1. Now we know that there's a thread about Hogan returning to the ring, which I'm definitely against and many others here are as well, but then this comes out


    I'm not saying I believe this report, but there is NO WAY that something like this should happen. There's a man (Hogan) who has had about a gazillion back surgeries and bionic hips that would probably shatter if he did another leg drop and you think about putting him in a segment with Brock Lesnar?! Come on WWE!! Why?
  2. Most likely to build on Cena vs Lesnar for NOC.
  3. It's Dailywrestlingnews. They are by far the worst of the dirtsheets. They just post self made up rumors 90% of the time. I wouldn't take this too serious
  4. It looks like they noticed that the two guys will be in the same show together so they thought "Why not just make up something about that?" Either way, as long as it leads to some confrontation with Cena AND Hogan isn't F5'd into oblivion, I'm okay with it.

    You would think John Cena and Brock Lesnar would want to face each other before their big match like they did in 2012; which reminds me of the great brawl which led to bloody smirking Cena and Lesnar having to be taken away by like 10 guys... that made me sit up, do something similar for their next confrontation.
  5. No one said they were wrestling in a match or anything lol. Just that there could be a big confrontation between them, which I can totally see happening. Hulk Hogan recently put over John Cena in a big way in an interview on WWE.com by calling him "the greatest WWE Champion ever" and proclaiming that he "did more for the business than him or anyone else." As laughable as that last statement was, it was all clearly said just to put over Cena as big as possible so that Lesnar's victory at Summerslam will be all the more significant. My point is, I could see Hogan doing the same for Cena on Raw in person only for Lesnar and Heyman to confront Hogan, at which point Cena runs to the save (or if Cena is already in the ring with Hogan, it could simply amount to Heyman coming out and reminding people of how Brock manhandled Hogan himself back in the day and will do the same to Cena Sunday at Summerslam.)

    Either way, I doubt Hogan will be taking bumps of any kind.
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  6. if Vinny Mac can take an F5 surely Hoke Ogan can
  7. Hulk is pretty broken where as mr.mcmahon is inVINCEable.....get it????
  8. no but I love that fucking movie
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  10. Thank you Mr Pumpkin
  11. It's Pupkin, often misspelled, it's p-u-p-k-i-n......I'll wait.
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  12. I forced m roommates to watch The king of comedy against their will the other day. they thanked me after
  13. Hogan is a politician. He'll do anything to make a dollar.
    He must of thought fingerpoking Diesel would be a fantastic way to make a dollar.
    As long as Hogan gets the name of the venue right, he should be fine.
    Besides, who wants to see Hogan get in the ring simply to talk.

    If you are honest, and I know you're not, you want Hogan to wrestle. Screw his health. Why do you care anyways? It's Hulk Hogan. His matches aren't clinics, they are cinematic masterpieces, not technical ones.
  14. No, I really don't.
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  15. and yet if/when the match is announced it will be more talked about by you and other marks than any match since Rocky returned. and then you would watch the match and probably mark out for Hulk. he just has that way about him.

    same with the rest of the haters denying their interest. you will alllllllll watch
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  16. Quote for Truth
    You guys make it seem like this is Sting returning.
    Hulk doesn't need to deliver a masterpiece. I shouldn't have to explain this. Watch the cat's highlight reel.
  17. I'll no doubt talk about it some since I regularly post on a wrestling message board and there's bound to be a lot of topics concerning one final Hulk Hogan match since it'll likely be made into a big deal. But most of what I have to say about it will no doubt be negative or how this "one final match" would have been better if it had happened several years ago.... No different than you spending a good chunk of your time talking about CM Punk and Daniel Bryan despite your well-established dislike of both of them (or how you spent valuable time talking about Dexter's final season despite apparently hating the shit out of just about every episode.)
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  18. You'll mark. no doubt about it
  19. His fake hips might shatter with an F5, but I don't really care. Kill the old man
  20. typical Brazilian heathen
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