I seriously need help with this

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  1. Could someone please create a recovery/boot disk for Windows, and upload it online as an .ISO? I guess I'll have to DL it at school, but My laptop is bricked and besides a recovery disk, I have no way of fixing it :emoji_slight_frown:

    On PS3 currently... huge thanks if you can.
  2. Why not just download the many public ISO's from school?
  3. Could you link me so I don't have to search when I get there? I can't really do much there because of the professor.
  4. It takes seconds to look yourself bro. You also then get to choose from the many different versions and such, and choose the best version for your desktop (or laptop).
  5. Well I'll look. Any trusted site reccommendations?
  6. So you can't search for a link, but you can open a burning program and burn the disk?

    Hmm. :urm:
  7. Any warez site lmao. There's tons bro.

  8. EDIT: Just realise, this is Rhodes. I understand the stupidity now.
  9. What version of Windows?
  10. Irony detected
  11. Any.. preferred Ultimate x64 though.
  12. Why not get it then?
  13. i have the iso, how do you want me to send it to you?
  14. Dude my professor is strict as fuck. If i'm caught on a warez site, i'm kicked out.
  15. cant upload the file on here its too big
  16. Download Windows 8 beta from your school. Its from Microsoft website so its free.

    After you got windows 8 beta, install to ur laptop and download whatever windows you want from home cuz windows 8 sucks ass. Reinstall another version of windows like windows 7.
  17. Hoss you're a mad genius!! Not to mention, a life saver.. Thanks. :yay:
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