I seriously need your help.

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  1. I'm late to pay for a Maths retake exam and I don't know what exam to use. It's the only last chance I have to pass maths under the old exam papers.

    I really need a legitimate reason to persuade the head teacher of my 6form to let me in. I haven't asked him, but I'm late by a week on Friday it'll be me being late by two weeks. Help!
  2. I'm confused as to what you need here? Do you mean you need an excuse?
  3. Yes, I need an excuse that will persuade the teacher.
  4. I know it's low, but you could always claim someone in your family is having a serious breakdown or something and you're taking charge of the household temporarily. Low but it'll work.
  5. family difficulties?

    dont tie urself down by goin into detail either!

    @[Crayo] beat me
  6. I'm only 16, so doubt that'd work.

    @[Cloud] Family difficulties seems to be a good one, but I'm unsure whether that'd make him believe that's a legitimate reason for me to pay 2 weeks later.
  7. jus mention it an say ur heads been in bits leadin u to forget to pay!
  8. He's going to say you've been attending college but couldn't pay. I did actually forget, if I'm honest, but he won't believe me saying that I forgot.
  9. Of course it will. Doesn't matter how old you are either, at 16 I was legitimately running the household for months, it happens a lot. They won't question it either.

    They all say the same thing, family comes first.
  10. Just say you were under so much stress with family issues as well as attempting to focus on your other subjects. Play up on how much it was playing on your mind.
  11. I'll try coming up with an the family difficulties excuse, but if he does question it, I'll need quick and sharp answers.

    I see where you're coming from. It's a good excuse if he does decide to expand on it.
  12. You don't need quick & sharp answers, you just say "I don't want to share it in detail at the moment". You'll be so nervous saying this to him anyway you won't need to fake any facial expressions, lol.

    Or you could do what @[RKO] would do, and just RKO the guy.
  13. not proud of it but a few years back the excuse family difficulties saved my job!
  14. This actually made me laugh, haha. That's a good comeback, my teacher had a right go at me and I made out that I went hospital, when I actually did. I said I've been under shoulder pain, he said Did you get admitted there? I said, no. He said what did they say, I said they said I've got a tendon injury so they told me to rest for a while. He said, no, you could've came in just to pay then you could've went home or you could've given the money to a friend so he could've paid for you.
  15. He sounds like a right dick if you ask me. I'd of just said "I was f***ing hurt, the last thing I could care about was this sh**" I wouldn't take too much advice from me, was kicked out of school & college lmao. Luckily the apprenticeship I was accepted into (no idea why) was much more relaxed.
  16. He's a great teacher but he had a go at me for no reason. I'm the only guy in the class that hasn't paid.
  17. i was always that guy! :hehe::hehe:
  18. Lmao same :laugh:.
  19. I've always been that guy. I've always been lazy when it comes to doing things like that :hehe:.
  20. Rhanks for the random tag @[Crayo] :angry: