I take back what I say about Sheamus.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. I call him poor in the ring, but that's because I think he's gotten so lazy recently. His match with Big Show last night was a fantastic match in my opinion, hats off to both those guys. Sheamus needs to stop being so lazy due to the success HHH is handing him and do this more often.
  2. In fairness, he only looked lazy against ADR IMO, and that's because those 2 have such bad chemistry.
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  3. No, every RAW match, SmackDown match and most PPV matches he's unbearable to watch.
  4. I think he just works better against bigger guys. They end up being pretty stiff matches and he actually sells properly, which adds so much more to it. His cardio is still disgraceful, and against smaller opponents he is pretty boring IMO.

    I can't be arsed searching for it but he had a fantastic match against Tensai on Smackdown a few weeks back. Really great match between two big guys.
  5. Hopefully this will be his wake up call. That he realizes that he needs to actually work to be on top and Hunter just as easily can take something like the world title away from him as give it. Hunter knows talent, Sheamus just needs to start living up to the hype.

    And I agree with Ryan. Sheamus seems to work better against bigger guys. The match with Tensai a few weeks back was really good. Easily Sheamus best match since Extreme Rules at the time and Tensai's best match in his current run.
  6. Let it be a wake-up call, indeed.

    I hope he will improve himself after knowing he isn't getting it all handed to him.
  7. Think it's just against big guys. He actually didn't look and feel like the person who was strong this time, it was Big Show. Thus meaning he had to actually try using moves instead of his normal bull shit moves that would take down anybody less in size. He'll get that championship back, but as soon as he does, he's going to lose it to Show Off bank.
  8. But I thought you loved Sheamus?

    I actually quite enjoyed his matches with Dbry and Barrett. I don't think he's lazy, he just has extremely bad chemistry with lots of people.... Which really is not a good thing.

    Oh and, speaking of taking things back, I take everything I've ever said about Show back. I might even remove the image in my sig.
  9. Indeed it was a very good match, he does seem to work better matches with bigger opponents. I'm surprised as well.
  10. He is pretty good in the ring, but everything else (his lameness) overshadows it.
  11. Sheamus' main problem in the ring is that he really needs someone to play off his 'brute strength' clobbering skill set.
    He seems to suffer in matches with any one displaying any agility what so ever and they show him up as being slow and unskilled..
    Sheamus vs Show and even vs guys like Barrett and Tensai (yes, I said his name) are good size v skill v strength exhibitions where they all seem to push off eachother's similar levels of power and skill.
    Putting him against agile blokes who can move around, like Bryan, Rhodes and even ADR, and the matches become a farse. Double axe handle, Irish Curse, brogue kick *snooze*
    I preferred him when he was running up behind HHH and decking him, but Vince obviously loves what he does for WWE.com shop!
  12. His matches with Tensai, Barrett and Show were really really good indeed.
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