I take it there is a new guy/girl writing the comedy segs?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Sep 25, 2012.

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  1. Since Raw 1000 there has been backstage segments that actually amuse me pretty much every week. The AJ Lee seg Raw 1000, Sheamus backstage segment and the anger management skits have genuinely had me laughing out loud at parts. So I'm just curious as to who writes these things, it must be someone new?
  2. i laughed so hard during kane and d-bry making happy noises and when Mae young came on i almost gave myself a hernia from laughing :pity:
  3. Best When Harry met Sally reference WWE has done.
  4. Maybe they're just trying harder, who knows. It's working though.
  5. Either Vince is allowing more ideas or they're just trying harder, either way I think it's the same crew of people writing this stuff.
  6. I don't know how it could be though lol. How can they go from being outrageously shit to awesome like they are now that quickly?
  7. I doubt it's a new person. As I've told you all since I signed up IMO the writers are a small portion of the problem. I've always said I am 100% certain the writers have plenty of good ideas, it is just the people who ultimately make the decisions didn't want to use their ideas and instead chose to give us straight plain bologna sandwiches all the time instead of letting the writers spice things up and do something outside the box.
  8. Probably the same writers with more freedom as D'Z said, although it doesn't really matter why, I'm loving it.
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