I talked with Hannah...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Angel's Flight, Oct 11, 2012.

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  1. So, Stopspot told me Hannah's situation with you guys. She's really stubborn, and she won't accept that she did mean stuff to the forum as a general.

    In behalf of her, I apologize.

    In my opinion, you guys did something wrong too. PM the person if you have something to say to him/her. Don't broadcast it to the whole world. I know you call her "slut", "liar", or "bitch" 99% of the time, but know when not to.
  2. Why are you apologizing on her behalf? I don't even know what's going on here. :emoji_grin:awg:
  3. You can check it out on the Real Life Picture thread.
  4. Thanks, I'll be sure to take a look.
  5. We didn't do 'mean stuff' to her, grow up.
    She came on pretending to be drunk which pissed us off, and it wasn't funny.
    Then the 'BLUE' gimmick, that's annoying.
    Then the 'Arthur' bullshit, that's annoying.

    In actual fact, we haven't done anything 'to her.'

    She needs to stop treating the forum as FaceBook because we're hear to talk pro-wrasslin', and granted the LR is off-topic, but it's not Facebook. No one really cares about her real life BS about Arthur or w/e...

    No one calls her a slut. We called her a liar because she lied, what's wrong with that? I don't recall anyone calling her a bitch either.

    Therefore, she has told you her side of the story and here is the other side.

    Now please, enough of this.
  6. I've been on the fence with this crap since day 1 but what I can say is letting the blue, Randy and Anthony obsession (or is Anthony the bf?) spill into the wrestling sections is going to piss every single member here off. If you're sharing all this information, or letting your boyfriend type for you and putting "Anthony:" beside it, then expect to receive some banter, trolling and other types of crap like that. It doesn't bother me if the Blue stuff stays in the discussion thread but if it spills out of it then I myself hate on it, it's annoying.

    But Hannah is a darling really and loves this forum so she didn't really deserve the name calling. Lying about being drunk was a mistake but she's young and we've all done stupid things, like me actually coming on here drunk one time and letting my GF type a status, big mistake, received banter about that for a full week, especially when I opened my own thread. The point is, move on, we'll all forget about this in a week and that's the internet for you. Just know that none of us here like, care, or enjoy Blue in any way shape or form, okay? They're a washed up has been band full of untalented tools. Good day.
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  7. Never called her any of that, except for calling her out on the drunk part. I was going to write a full post about the whole Blue thing, but Crayo pretty much pointed everything out. So that's pretty much it...I don't think you have to apologize for her, I don't really think she has to apologize at all, just get back to actually discussing wrestling on the wrestling section and not sex or blue 24/7, that's all.
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  8. I don't think anyone on here has actually called her a slut or a bitch. People have called her out on taking the Blue thing into the regular wrestling section and called her out for playing drunk.

    The rest of my feelings are summed up by Crayo.
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  9. Isn't this idiot a multi-account?
    Her welcome thread got closed as she was a multi-account?

    @[Crayo] or @[Stopspot].
  10. Nah they share a dorm.
  11. I see, never even thought of that. :pity:
  12. That's her fault, actually. She really is a darling but she's too... innocent.

    My apologies, since I'm senior than her, and I act like her sister.

    Like I told Stopspot, she's the epitome of paradox. She's lovable yet hateable. She's cheerful yet sad.

    She also like a lot of stuff. Let it pass for a month or so. She's like that. Just don't let her remember about it if she forgets. I'm getting her in the "Elementary" phase, so I think it'll be over sooner or later.

    I can't stand Blue too, just so you know.

    About the other comments, it's just that... it seems like you guys use "bitch" and other cuss words on her like it's a normal word. I know it's a joke, but sometimes you gonna lay the words off her or something. Just... be sensitive enough when to and not to use profanity for the laughs.
  13. You sound like Kia.

  14. Bitch please. :lol1:

    She's been doing the Blue gimmick for ages now.
    She just needs to (wo)man up and come back the forum without the stupid gimmicks. If I left the forum for what she has, I'd never be here. People argue, it's the internet. Get over it. Rage-quiting a forum because someone disagrees with you is childish and immature.

    People don't call her a bitch, at least not in public. We might say 'bitch please' or 'what a bitch' but it's not "cussing" - if that offends you, you shouldn't be on the internet..

    Why should we be "sensitive" though? 1) She's 16. 2) Her blue gimmick pisses us off. If she's going to do that, we're going to be insensitive in a hope that it'll stop the gimmick.

    I'm here. The woman of the f**king century is here. Fight me, not MY FRIEND.

    I have my faults, and I'm sorry for that. But admit that you guys had too. If you told me nicely that you hate the Blue gimmick, then HEY! I could've removed the shit out of it.
  16. Bitch please is a "Saying" he's not personally calling your friend a bitch. lol
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  17. It's fairly obvious you're the same person...
    She goes offline and you come online. Please. :pity:

    I never called her a bitch. I said bitch please.
    Also no one is fighting. NO NEED TO SHOUT IN CAPS!

    Seriously? We told you like one zillion times it was annoying as hell. You continued. It's too late for 'ohhh you should have told me'...
  18. We have adjacent rooms, dumbass. Why would I make another account? I'm superstar here, I'm pinning for the "month-long OL" award...
  19. They don't have that award no more.
  20. I know common sense, but Jonathan has been offensive in his posts. Crayo and the others said it in the right, sensible way.
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