I think its about time...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Usually, on RAW around this time, they do something that makes the show interesting again. Someone comes back or a new story line starts... So, Here's to hoping it happens today because to be honest... Last week's show was boring!
  2. This time? No during the summer or Road to Wrestlemania.
  3. Yeah the summer or RTWM is normally the decent stuff. This is meant to be filler, but I think it's relatively interesting atm with Punk being the focal point.
  4. It starts tonight with McMahon. :ohgod:
  5. :youdontsay:
  6. I pity the fool. :pity:
  7. You Da Fool!
  8. I'm not DA' fool. You DA' Fool for thinking I was DA' fool.
  9. AHH HELL NO! :pipebomb:

  10. Image fail son.
  11. Working for me.
  12. Not me, I had to go onto the website Fanpop to view it... :otunga:
  13. You using chrome?
  14. Not working for me either.
  15. Don't know.
    Didn't this happen with Jose also?
  16. Well, I know that! The best time is always around WM. But, they always change things up in the Fall.
  17. Expect at Survivor Series.
  18. I don't think anything groundbreaking happens tonight, but I could be wrong.
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