I think it's time you all moved...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by leojay, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. To Australia. We don't put up with hurricanes here. We don't put up with shitty minimum wage, tips and shitty health care. We're so well looked after we can pay twice the amount for things than everywhere else in the world. Oh and, if you move to Australia that dead time on WWEF won't be dead, as I won't be the only fag posting.

    Yeah, move here you ****s.
  2. But you have huge spiders. :((
  3. I've never seen a spider that isn't a daddy long legs in my entire lift.

    Damn fat, Mcdonalds eating murricans' with their stereotypes.
  4. Bu-but your animals will kill us :sad:
  5. What animals? Oh the crocodiles and kangaroos that aren't found in the wild at all but in zoos? Yeah they're surely going to kill you :otunga:
  6. i hope that was intentional irony
  7. HEY! I'm British. :bury:
  8. But you get bitten by a snake when you're trying to take a shit. #UK
  9. And the spiders, I don't care what leo says there is massive spiders there.:urm:

  11. Then again their porn is pretty good :hmm:
  12. We have our own porn? :cornette:
  13. wait. the kangaroos can kill me? :please:

    Anyways, maybe. My cousin lives in Australia. I might visit there one day..
  14. Unless you live in a rural area you'll never see any spiders ever. Now that's a fact.
  15. When you do catch up with your good pal Leo. We will cook some sausages on the barbie. :dawg:
  16. Yeah ignore the silly Australian saying there isn't any, fuck Australia, spiders errywhere!!!!
  17. Yeah, it's called, Matin' on the Barbie :russo:
  18. I love Australia, but I'm happy where I am.
  19. We aren't all fat jerk face
  20. sausage. barbecue. :gusta:
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