I think Ryback needs to be pushed

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. I am being super cereal about this.

    I mean the dude is a power house that has improved in ring since he started. He knows how to make people mad, be silly, be serious, and he looks like a legit monster. He shouldn't be being wasted in tag matches and I hope what he said on RAW is what is in the future for him.

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  2. Wish he'd go back to doing the 2-on-1 squashes again. Never got tired of that.
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  3. Bully Ryback was great. Bring that guy back!
  4. Should've been World Champion by now. Highly doubt he'd get pushed past the mid-card scene at this point, though.
  5. Like Shadow, I kinda doubt he'll be a world champ. Maybe a short "thank you" rein down the road but not as a serious champ. But he can still be strongly pushed in the midcard, have a shot once or twice per year at the belt. Squash jobbers
  6. Wasn't that what his IC title reign was for? That worked out nicely...lmao
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  7. Psh...they're too scared to let him run amok in the ME. He'd overshadow everyone,

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  8. I love Ryback.
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  9. I can only picture him as a short-term, transitional champion at best at this point, and even then, he'd only win it if everyone else that was deserving went down with injuries.

    "Well, half our talent are on the shelf... Time to put the belt on Da Big Guy!"
  10. If they gave it to Sheamus, I don't se why they can't with Ryback. Sheamus at the champ sucked.
  11. Sheamus has H backing him doesn't he? Plus he's a much stronger worker than Ryback IMO.
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  12. should kill himself
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  13. Stuff like that isn't fair though. Like because you know so and so or so and so like your, you get a push! And I am not sure on work credibility. I never seen them backstage when the cameras aren't rolling.
  14. You know, I will give you Sheamus. But how can the Miz have been champ over Ryback? When he was he wrestled horribly, he couldn't even carry Jerry Lawler in a match, his mic promos consisted of saying "really" 500 times followed by him saying something about being the best in the world. He was simultaneously ripping off Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, and Chris Jericho all at the same time!
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  15. Could't even carry a 60 odd year old? How does that make sense King was a great worker back in the day but in 2010 he was well past his sell by date, Miz was a fantastic promo guy IMO also plus he was drawing heat.

    Here's an example :

    Punk wasn't doing the BITW schtick until the following Summer was he? Bryan initially got over because of Miz's work on NXT, I'll concede he was copying a lot of Jericho's presentation and mannerisms, but is that a bad thing?
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  16. Yeah I get it's not fair, but politics all come into it in the workplace.
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  17. Maybe I just don't like the guy but I feel like the dramatic pausing he does in 90% of his promos is draining. Yes, he did draw heat but a lot of long time wrestling fans weren't happy when he won the big belt. I feel like he would be amazing on commentary because the few times he was and talked normal, not in robotic promo mode, he sounded great.
  18. Miz has tons of charisma, can put on a good match, and is PERFECT as the guy every fan wants to punch in the face. He isn't going to be a great face champ, but Miz still has earned his keep IMO.

    Ryback could have been pushed eventually, but his IC title reign wasn't exactly awesome. He should have been the heel, Bully Ryback was awesome and 100% believable....plus them tweets he made were soso great.
  19. How about giving it to somebody who's actually entertaining, like Bray Wyatt? You got one of the best guys on the show doing nothing right now during Wrestlemania season, and yet people are calling for mediocre talent like Ryback to get a push. :haha:

    Ryback has his good qualities and I especially found Bully Ryback fun to watch, but when you get down to it, he's still just a dime-a-dozen meat head. Bray Wyatt is one of the most enigmatic and intriguing characters they've ever had.
  20. Meat heads work though and I don't expect him to be a long time champ it would just freshen things up. And yeah Bray is good for a bigger guy but he has been stale for sometime because they do the same thing over and over again with that group. They have no one to go after so the booking has been trash.
  21. Well yeah if they did give him a champ run again he would have to be heel. It fits him just like I feel Reigns needs to be a heel. Some guys don't do as well or good at all as faces because wwe takes a brute and turns it into a comedy show. Look at Big E!
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