I think Shawn is gonna screw Daniel Bryan

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. I think Shawn is gonna screw Daniel Bryan tonight at hell in a cell I just have this feeling hes gonna cost him the title and Randy being the champion
  2. It's a feeling some of us also have. I think that's what is going to happen. I'd prefer Orton going over clean though so he can get a nice, long reign, maybe Bryan wins the Royal Rumble and wins the title from whoever he faces at WrestleMania so Daniel Bryan walks out as champ at WrassleMania?
  3. same here, I can't decide who will win tonight, I would really love to see Shawn on Daniel's side. But then this has been somewhat an unpredictable storyline in some points of this feud, who knows what will happen?
  4. Orton couldn't possibly go over clean in this match. It would just make it look as if Triple H has been right all along about Bryan being a B+ player. If Orton wins at all, then expect Shawn Michaels superkicking him for sure. Any reasonable person should be at least somewhat anticipating the chance that Michaels will turn on Bryan considering he's the most controversial special referee in history (more often than not, matches end in a flimsy manner when Michaels is officiating) and considering they haven't even brought up the possibility on-screen that Michaels could choose his best friend over a guy he trained.
  5. Reading the title alone, I thought it was gonna be a Night in the American Dragon :gusta:

    In reality though, it wouldn't surprise me. I can see HBK betraying Daniel easily, this main event has many paths I can see it going. I can see HBK betraying Daniel, and Daniel losing. I can see HBK betraying Daniel, and Big Show helping Daniel to win. There's just so many possibilities aside from these, I really can't tell which for sure is going to happen.
  6. If this was gonna be a clean win then a normal referee would be in the match but no Shawn got picked to be in the match so you just know a screwjob is gonna happen
  7. What point would there be in having HBK help Orton win and turn heel? HBK isn't a full time wrestler/on screen character,he only makes sporadic appearances. It's not like he'd be able to serve any role as a part of The Authority. All it would do is have him leave for a while on a bad note with the casuals and that's not a smart idea. Have HBK call it clean or have him help Bryan win.
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