I think some guy is gonna murder CM Punk

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by McLovin, Nov 24, 2012.

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  1. I know this is certainly not thread worthy but while on twitter i came across this guy who is basically saying that he's gonna kick CM Punk's ass during monday night raw at philadelphia on December,17 :dawg:
    I know it sounds like a joke but this guy is seriously obsessed,just check some of these guy tweets:


    Here's the link for his profile
  2. Somebody call Arkham and tell them to set up a room :smug:
  3. So going to troll that guy.
  4. 152k followers but he never gets RT's? Fake.
  5. Seems like most of his followers are bots
  6. Yeah i saw that too :sad1:
  7. I will applaud him if he does
  8. He's saying that Punk disrespected his brother
  9. Nothing will happen. When people talk too much they do nothing, especially when it's via the Internet. Not only that, but even if he somehow tries something everyone is already waiting for it.
  10. Yeah I don't think anything is happening from this. Most likely a troll but if it isn't who is dumb enough to announce planning a murder on a social media?
  11. Read his tweets, I'm convinced it's just an internet troll trying to get mainstream attention.
  12. Yeah I've read his tweets. Either a troll or someone mentally unstable.
  13. Wonder if one should respond to him just for shits and giggles
  14. The guy is posting a tweet every minute
  15. Is this guy related to that guy CM Punk hit in the crowd on Raw??? my god CM Punk better watch his back as this guy could come after him. Security better do their jobs at that Philly show
  16. Calling it for next RAW:
    CM Punk vs Eric vs Harold for the WWE Championship in a falls count anywhere match
    Show Spoiler
    Harold wins
  17. Holy shit! :yay:


    Man this would be epic, dude jumping over the barricade and attacking Punk. Just like it happened with Eddie..

    Funny thing is, he looks a little bit like Punk in the Twit profile pic in the OP.. :hmm:
  18. I wouldn't set high expectations for this.
  19. :sad1:
  20. What a tool really hope his boss or the police see these threats an he gets owned.
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