Spoiler I thought it was a good idea

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by C.M. Shaddix, Aug 16, 2017.

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  1. Baron Corbin cashed in and lost due to a John Cena interference.

    It was a good idea.


    1. Could establish Corbin as a big heel and beat Cena on Sunday

    2. Summerslam was already very predictable with a Baron Corbin cash in

    3. Shinsuke Nakamura will now be safe with a reign lasting longer than a few minutes if he wins (remember... IF, Jinder is definitely capable of winning)

    4. Baron was already pretty stale cold
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  2. You make some fair points...but my concern is
    they have made Corbin look like a complete
    moron...and a moron is never a real threat...
    because they are a moron.

    They could have just had Corbin not cash in
    for 6 or 8 months...I mean he didn't have to
    cash in at SummerSlam.

    I actually think there is another reason why
    Corbin has been booked this way.

    I would not be surprised if the WWE looked
    at Aleister Black and decided there can only
    be one "Scary Tattooed Wrestler with a heavy
    metal theme" on the main roster...and they have
    picked Black over Corbin.

    Just a thought...and as much as I like Corbin...
    Black is better in every single way.
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  3. The one other possible reason, which we would not know until after Summerslam, is Baron Corbin failed a wellness test. If that happens, then Cena beats him, the announcement of a suspension will be made Monday and it's all explained.
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  4. I was a bit surprised the cash-in was unsuccessful, but I can't say I was disappointed or anything.

    At least Corbin will win at SummerSlam now. Although I think if Cena had won at SummerSlam, Corbin would have probably cashed in his MITB contract successfully, much like Rollins did at WM 31. He had previously lost to Orton, but then he would go on to cash in successfully in the ME. This likely would've been the case with Corbin.

    So, yeah, I think Corbin will most likely win at SummerSlam. Why? Because Cena hasn't won a SummerSlam match since 2011. However, if Cena wins, then that would confirm that WWE have officially given up on Corbin, but we'll see.

    Also, Corbin failing to cash in pretty much confirms Nakamura will defeat Mahal for the title, so that's cool. :nakamura4:
  5. I'd prefer the cash-in was at SummerSlam, but still failed. Not really into Corbin anymore..
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  6. Has there ever been any other Cash In Fails?
  7. Someone mentioned Cena and Sandow earlier in another thread.
  8. Oh..
  9. Looks like they are heading toward a Triple Threat for the title at the next Smackdown PPV after Nakamura wins the title.. here's why I think so..

    Look at the history between Nakamura and Corbin.. the backstage attacks.. a few matches.. nothing ever came from that.. yet

    Nakamura beat Cena clean... Cena was portrayed as being happy for him, celebrating with him.. but come on.. you know somehow, someway Cena will get anther shot at him.

    Cena cost Corbin his cash-in opportunity.. plain and simple.

    I believe the end of Summerslam should be Nakamura winning.. Corbin comes out and attacks him and Cena comes out to attack Corbin and somehow Nakamura accidentally hits Cena.. Cena is out cold in the ring as Corbin retreats while pointing at Nakamura and giving the "belt around the waist" gesture.
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  10. I also like this. Let's be real, Corbin wasn't ready to be champ, and having the briefcase wasn't going to make him ready. If he beats Cena and goes on a dominant run out of spite, he could work his way up, and if he loses... Well, I'm a Corbin fan, but it wouldn't shock me if he gets Great Khali treatment. Point is I think this was a good idea, and it not only makes SummerSlam less predictable but also makes Money in the Bank less predictable too
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    He wasn't ready for World Champ (neither was Jinder tbh) but if this was good FOR HIM or not will depend a lot on the booking in the coming months. If he gets some big wins and puts in an improvement, then I'd buy him as Champ. He looks badass, but he needs a little more experience in the ring and to fine tune himself on the mic. If he continually jobs out, then this will possibly kill his career.
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  12. I never even thought about that...and its another fair point...
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  13. I blame his new theme song.

    All seriousness, I loved it. I marked out when Jinder Won. This is obviously the beginning of something rather than the end of something.
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  14. I agree...Corbin's new theme is awful...
    Like someone vomiting into my ears.

    His original theme was awesome...
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  15. Cena is winning on Sunday
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  16. If WC assumptions/rumors are correct, Cena is losing and it will be is final loss (number 7) at Summerslam.
    Just throwing that out there. Cause why not? I don't like Corbin though. I think he is boring.
  17. Mind If I ask WHY u think that.......snowman?
  18. I hvnt seen much of wrestling these last few months to actually KNOW for myself how they act in the ring. I dont even know the newest ppl that just showed up. I still gotta look some of them up to know where they came from and such
  19. Baron Corbin should stay away from the WWE title scene. He is ok I'm the ring, but when he gets on a microphone, he is just awful. His acting is so bad. His delivery is terrible. His lines are so corny and scripted sounding. Until that is fixed, he should be a mid carder
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  20. There are a few things at play here, let's start with the negatives and go up....

    1: They made Baron Corbin look absolutely worthless here. It felt like they tried their best to make sure Baron Corbin came out of this looking like a complete jobber... There's been plenty of times WWE has done 50/50 and had guys trade wins and losses so nobody looks bad, but usually when I see someone look this terrible it continues. At this point, the damage is done. Why bother band-aiding it?

    2: What's the finish? John Cena has taken plenty of clean losses lately, but they were big matches against opponents with a ton of momentum and upside to carry the company. Bryan, Nakamura, Styles, Owens, Ambrose, The Rock, Orton, Wyatt, Lesnar, Del Rio. Outside of the last name on this list that's a quality list of guys, and all of them got so much out of a win over Cena. Corbin simply won't get enough out of it at this point, so it's better to protect Cena here. And a dirty finish accomplishes nothing.

    3: They've talked about Cena's Summerslam curse. The story here seems to be if Cena can win at the PPV he hasn't won at since 2010.

    4: Cena is advertised for Raw soon, and he has some big stuff on the horizon if that's the case. If he's facing one of Raw's big four he needs all the momentum he can get. After a random high-profile loss to Corbin, Cena vs Braun Strowman loses a little bit of luster. And a match like that should be as big as possible.

    Corbin has little to gain while Cena has a lot to lose.
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