I Took The Road Less Travelled

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  1. Name: Adam

    Age: 19

    Favourite Superstar & Why: Samoa Joe has always been a huge favourite of mine. When he burst onto the national scene via TNA I was in awe. I couldn't recall the last time I'd seen a guy who literally looked like he could squash you like a bug in mere seconds yet move with the most graceful elegence. His character and booking made it so that even if he had weak mic skills (which he most certainly has not) he could be involved in nearly angle and not look out of place during promos with anybody. In recent years his booking hasn't made me ecstatic although I enjoyed everything he done with Magnus (another guy I am a fan of) very much, especially the Television Championship saga. About once a year TNA get my hopes to fever pitch as I think Joe's gunna be completely bad-ass and tear through the competition but something always happens. Bobby Roode and William Regal are a close second and third.

    Favourite Wrestling Company: TNA

    How did you find the site? Sheer luck.

    Will I be active here: Moderately.

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  2. Very original superstar, barely ever see big joe fans anymore.
  3. Nice! I have never seen a Joe fan before, and have I heard that line "I took the road less travelled" from Robert Frost before?
  4. Nice favourite superstars. I'm a huge mark for Roode and love Joe as well.
    Come on Thursday and discuss TNA with us dude.
  5. I just have an insane amount of faith in him.

    Aye lad, one of the finest writers of all time.
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  6. I don't blame you man.. Joe is deffo. one of the bests wrestlers of all time, at least wrestling wise.
  7. I work late Thursday nights and usually only catch the last 40 minutes or so of Impact and then I watch the first hour or so in the morning. Not much use for live discussions unfortunately.
  8. Damn. I guess this means nothing to you.
    But if you ever get the chance since they're moving back to 9, join us.
  9. Yeah man, Robert Frost is amazing.
  10. Welcome to the site Adam. Anyone who loves Joe is a friend of mine.
  11. Hello Adam!

    Somoa Joe was such a beast back in the day. He can still be awesome nowadays but TNA is too busy boosting Hogan's ego to show it .
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  12. Welcome to the forums Joe is a beast :true: I actually enjoy watching him very much.
  13. Thanks for the welcoming responses guys.
  14. Welcome m8.
  15. Welcome man, I'm sure you'll have a great time here.
  16. Hey yo.

    I was obviously a member here in the summer of last year and I was also a member on MP. I'm best friends (in e-terms) with OutsiderVICE but I don't think he is around anymore. Basically, I was under the impression that this site went down or some shit and I randomly stumbled across it checking out my bookmarks. This place has always been pretty laid-back and cool so I look forward to getting involved once again. One love ya'll.
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  17. Welcome back bud. This site is still here and as cool as ever.
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  18. Welcome back.
  19. Welcome to the site, it's perty cool :emoji_grin:
  20. Welcome to the site I have also been a fan of Joe since I first saw him wrestle in TNA. He is not one of my favorite but I know talent when I see talent and he is talented. He may not be the strongest on the mic but is still talented none the less.
    iron man
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