I trying to plan something on my YT channel for WWE but I need help with it!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. I trying to plan something on my YT channel for WWE but I need help with it!​

    Ok a year ago NFL USA Footbal did a Top 100 list of the greatest 100 NFL player of ALL Time to play NFL USA Football. junge by 5 people that rank from 1-10 and rank all better to play the game of NFL footbal I want to do somethnig like that for the greatest top 1000 WWE Wrestler of all. now in this I would need help form some of the WWEforums.net crew guys and even Crayo himself now since WCW and ECW are own by WWE now any wrestler from though compuy CAN count but NOT TNA or anyother compuy that is own NOT own by WWE! please get back with me if you want to go forward with this Crayo or any unbrayis crew memeber one we do this list i would like to make a video about the list and then recveiw it on youtube 1st before it post on the forums which I will do with my yt video since this was my idea. What do you said guy?
  2. In like Johnny Flynn
  3. :no:
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  4. Guy what do you said!? SOUNDS LIKE AWESOME TO ME GUY I'M SO IN :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:IPEBOMB:
  5. Ashley lettuce be reality. I'm in and you can't stop me. I


    1.) HWD'Z
  6. :no: ur not crew memeber!
  7. I actually don't quite understand the thread, can someone summarise it?

    Edit: LMFAO at above, Randy you're a boss.
  8. like do a rank of top 100 greatest wrestler in WWE of ALL TIME! we rank me and I would like 5 other people from the WF staff to be in it.
  9. Still confused, I think I'm having a dumb moment.
  10. the staff doesn't even have 5 people, it has 3 + Xanth and Xanth doesn't know shit about wrestling


    Randy you dumb motherfucker
  11. like we make a list of the greatest top 100 wrestler of ALL TIME! we bring some wrestler and we all rank then from 1 to 10 10 being the best!and that how we make the list the NFL USA Football to a list like this a year for the greatest NFL Football USA player of all time i want to do it for wrestler!
  12. I think so fangirl
  13. Maybe it's us who are the dumb ones? Maybe Randy is just too intelligent for us to understand?
  14. Why are you here? Randy has already owned you in this thread.
  15. I completely understand what he is saying.

    He wants to have 5 users PM him a list of wrestlers from 1-100 and he will average out the ratings and present the wrestling forums top 100 greatest wrestlers of all time on his youtube channel


    I am judge #1


    cute sig
  16. uh NO! I pick the judge! And I am 1 of then and the 1st judge! and I looking for 5 other!
  17. Randy is this wannabe heel a judge?

    *Waits for pipebomb*

    Edit: Pipebomb already happened.
  18. I think we each nominate wrestlers then they're ranked out of 10 by the judging panel, we add up the scores and then use that as a defining list. Randy makes a video then discussing the list.

    I'm assuming the judging panel would be.

    Gohan .

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    However I think we should go with a wider community view such as

    Someone like Mainstream.
  19. Okay I'll pick the judges



    lol @ Xanth being a judge

    we all love the guy, but can he name 100 wrestlers?
  20. Gohan

    are I am thinking of so far but I made waht 2 more guy that are unbriuis, I should fine the NFL to get u all a faine of what that did for the NFL list.


    LOL HELL NO! I pick judge and u not going be 1 of then or Stop, Aids that is for sore!


    u are a judge the 2nd crayo for sore!
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