Weekly "I want a match!" Week 16 (6th of August)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: Xbox One' started by SupaHeeroh, Aug 1, 2016.

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  1. This is the Summerslam week and because of this the card will be slightly different. I already know some matches that will be booked, but if you want to remind me, sign up as usual and tell me your match. This is basically if you want an Iron Man championship match.

    Sign up template:
    Forum Name:
    Character Name:
    Feuding With:
    Iron Man Championship Match:

    If you sign up to this thread, you need to do AT LEAST 1 PROMO throughout the week, otherwise you'll get a strike. If you do your match yet still don't promo, you'll still receive a strike.
    This thread will be open until Tuesday night. If you haven't signed up by then you wont be on this weeks card.
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    Name: @Emo
    Character: Des Pierson
    Gamertag: EmoForLlVE
    Allignment: Face-ish
    Feud(s): N/A
    Ally(s): I guess @Jet Starr is a friend due to my promo, dunno about ally though xD
    Iron Man Championship?: No thanks, been there done that.

    Give me @SmudgyParasite I'll show him for name-dropping me :aries:

    Updated Match-Up Picture (open)
    Screenshot-Original (1).png
  3. Name: @SmudgyParasite
    Character Name: Tyson Frost
    Gamertag: SmudgyParasite1
    Face/Heel: Face
    Allies: N/A
    Feud: N/A
    Iron Man Championship: Nooo no no no no no nonononono no no no.
  4. Name: @Ellis Sullivan
    Character: Ellis Klein
    GT: Ellis1825
    Face/Heel: Depends
    Feuds: @impactking
    Allies: N/A
    Gimme that IC title shot
  5. Forum Name: @impactking
    Character Name:Chris Young
    Gamertag: iMPACTKING 09
    Face/Heel: Heel-ish
    Feuding With: @Ellis Sullivan
    Allies: none
    We have a match set.
  6. Also, I didn't realize we were planning ahead for next year, @SupaHeeroh :heavywight:
    ["I want a match!" Week 16 (6th of July)]
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  7. I can't make a single mistake these days.
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  8. Name: @InFaMoUs1
    Character Name: JJ Colton
    Gamertag: iNfAmOu5sWeRv3
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding With: @Jet Starr , @TheFrostyBlur
    Allies: N/A
    Iron Man Champion Match: No

    I thought that frosty is gonna defend his world heavyweight title in a triple threat but since he's defending it at Precision, idk what match I'm gonna be in now.
  9. Forum Name: @Hybrid
    Character Name:Luis Alvarado
    Gamertag: Hybrid Maniac
    Face/Heel: A little bit of column a, A little bit of column b
    Feuding With: N/A
    Iron Man Championship Match:I would fight myself