Weekly "I want a match!" Week 18 (20th of August)

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: Xbox One' started by SupaHeeroh, Aug 14, 2016.

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  1. Sign up template:
    Forum Name:
    Character Name:
    Feuding With:
    Iron Man Championship Match:

    If you sign up to this thread, you need to do AT LEAST 1 PROMO throughout the week, otherwise you'll get a strike. If you do your match yet still don't promo, you'll still receive a strike.
    This thread will be open until Tuesday night. If you haven't signed up by then you wont be on this weeks card.
  2. Forum Name: Jet Starr
    Character Name: Reese MaCleod
    Gamertag: JetStarr13
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding With: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Iron Man Championship Match: No.
  3. Forum Name: @me
    Character Name: Roberto Blake
    Gamertag: zombiezkiller77
    Face/Heel: Does anyone even care at this point?
    Feuding With: Some local jobbers calling themselves Kings.
    Allies: I don't think anyone likes Robert Blake at this point
  4. Forum name: @SmudgyParasite
    Character name: Tyson Frost
    Gamertag: SmudgyParasite
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding with: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Iron Man Championship Match: Ehhhhhhhh....no.
  5. Forum Name: @InFaMoUs1
    Character Name: JJ Colton
    Gamertag: iNfAmOu5sWeRv3
    Face/Heel: Heel
    Feuding With: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Iron Man Championship Match: No
  6. Forum name: @Ellis Sullivan
    Character name: Ellis Klein
    Gamertag: Ellis1825
    Face/Heel: Depends
    Feuds: N/A
    Allies: N/A
  7. Forum: @Emo
    Character: Des Pierson
    Gamertag: EmoForLlVE
    Allignment: Still dunno
    Feud(s): N/A
    Ally(s): N/A
    Iron Man?: Nope
  8. Forum Name: @Legit Boss
    Character Name: Reaper
    Gamertag: Uncensoreddd
    Face/Heel: Heel
    Feuding With: @MintMidget69
    Allies: N/A
    Iron Man Championship Match: nope
  9. Forum name: MintMidget69

    Character Name: Todd McKay

    Gamertag: F4T SPuD FuZZ

    Face/Heel: Heel

    Feuding with: @Legit Boss

    Allies: N/A

    Iron Man Championship Match: No