Weekly "I want a match!" Week 7 (4th June)

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The man with the rear that makes the girls cheer!
I'm looking for 9 people who want to be involved in the FoF ladder matches at the PPV. If you want involved, you take responsibility if you win the fired briefcase, you MUST get rid of the character you are using and you can bring in a new guy. Champions cannot compete in FoF. If we dont get 9 people this week, I will ask again next week. Anyone who doesn't want involved will be considered for an IC title match at the PPV.

InFaMoUs1 InFaMoUs1 is also only 1 defence away from being able to cash in the Iron Man Championship for a shot at the IC title, or 3 away from the WHC. Anyone want to stop him?

Sign up template:
Forum Name: SupaHeeroh SupaHeeroh
Character Name: The Amazing H
Face/Heel: Face
Feuding With: N/A
Allies: N/A
Iron Man Championship Match: No
FoF: Yes

If you sign up to this thread, you need to do AT LEAST 1 PROMO throughout the week, otherwise you'll get a strike. If you do your match yet still don't promo, you'll still receive a strike.
This thread will be open until Monday night. If you haven't signed up by then you wont be on this weeks card.


The Artiste
Forum name: InFaMoUs1 InFaMoUs1
Character name: JJ Colton
Face/Heel: Face
Feuding with: Anyone that has the guts to face me for my Iron Man Championship
Allies: N/A
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