Weekly "I want a match!" Week 8 (11th June)

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    PPV week this week so this is going to be slightly different.
    6 people are already confirmed for the 9 spots of the FoF ladder matches. Those people are;
    @Ellis Sullivan
    @Papa Franku's ear

    @Legit Boss will no longer be in a FoF match as he is having a rematch for the Iron Man Championship at the PPV.

    There are 3 spots remaining in the FoF matches. If we don't get 3 people, the 6 named above will compete in singles matches. If any of the 6 above know they are unavailable this weekend LET ME KNOW.

    As well as FoF happening this weekend, we also have no contender for the IC championship, simply because of how many people are already needed for the FoF matches.

    If you want to be considered for either an IC match or a FoF spot, sign up below.

    Sign up template:
    Forum Name: @SupaHeeroh
    Character Name: The Amazing H
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding With: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Intercontinental Championship Match: No
    FoF: Yes

    If you sign up to this thread, you need to do AT LEAST 1 PROMO throughout the week, otherwise you'll get a strike. If you do your match yet still don't promo, you'll still receive a strike.
    This thread will be open until Monday night. If you haven't signed up by then you wont be on this weeks card.
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    Forum Name: @impactking
    Character Name: Chris Young
    Face/Heel: Unkown
    Feuding With: N/A
    Allies: N/A
    Intercontinental Championship Match: Yes
    FoF : No
  3. Forum Name: @Emo
    Character: Des Pierson
    Allignment: Heel
    Ally(s): none
    Feuds(s): @SupaHeeroh
    FoF/IC Title Match: Whichever you'd prefer me for