I want Brie to win the divas title tonight

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  1. I want Brie to win the divas title tonight and destroy that midget AJ and prove to the world that AJ is nothing. AJ's days of sucking off Vince's cock to keep the title are over its Brie's time
  2. Tough luck for you.
  3. There's a chance. Maybe Brie and Bryan will have their iconic "They both give each other a big hug and hold their titles in the air" moment. I don't want it to happen but nobody outside of Deathclaw is gonna lose sleep over a divas title match at freakin' Battleground
  4. I'm also thinking about them making both Bryan and Brie champions (if only for a short time) to coincide with their recent pairing with each other on-screen. I had the same thought with Ziggler as WHC and AJ as Diva's Champion earlier in the year as a heel couple both carrying titles but those predictions didn't exactly pan out. If there's any chance of Bryan and Brie having their wedding (obviously not their real one) on Raw, then it'd be neat if both their respective titles were laying on a table beside each other somewhere up on the altar during the wedding ceremony. I know wrestling weddings are generally horrible, but they've always been apart of wrestling and some of them turn out to be pretty entertaining (Savage/Elizabeth, Stephanie/Test, Stephanie/HHH's break up, Kane interrupting the Edge/Lita wedding, etc.)

    Imagine they're both about to say I Do and then Randy Orton and The Shield interrupt. The end result is Bryan ends up suffering a massive beat down, and while Brie is in tears over her wedding being ruined, Orton forces himself onto Brie and kisses her while standing over Bryan's unconscious body. Meanwhile, as Brie walks backstage with Bryan (who is being helped out by others), AJ stands there laughing manically at both, both her former beau Bryan and her recent nemesis Brie.

    Kind of off-topic, but anyway, in regards to AJ losing the championship or not, I'd probably just prefer they give AJ an almost year long title reign. If she kept the belt all the way to Wrestlemania, that'd make her the longest reigning Diva's Champion of all time.
  5. I sure as hell don't want that to happen. That would be the worst day in wrestling history, and I would never stop crying.

    But I don't have to worry.....

    I wrote this on my twitter:

    I'm 100% sure that once BG has run it's course, this is what we'll see:

    Prepare yourself, BLFFL, because AJ is going to outrun Kelly Kelly's title reign, and Kelly Kelly will become even more forgotten and worthless than she was before.

    For all you people that doubt AJ will successfully retain tonight, we'll be laughing at you once BG is over. ^_^
  6. ...fight. Fight. FIGHT. FIGHT! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!
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  7. No thanks. If AJ is gonna drop the strap it's either to Natalya or somebody in NXT. Although if it's for a short time for some failed wedding I guess I wouldn't have a problem. Sure it'd e entertaining :haha:
  8. If Brie doesnt win then Kelly Kelly should return and take that title off AJ
  9. Umm.........no.
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  10. Even if AJ loses, that doesn't mean she's nothing. She's the best current diva in my opinion and in a lot of poples' opinion
  11. Why do you say things that are totally unfounded speculations? This thread is pure shit because it just states your opinion. Do we need an entire thread for a two sentence opinion? An opinion followed by rumors (seemingly made up in that head of yours)
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  12. :umad:
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  13. Brie should win and Damien Sandow should cash in on her.

    Anyway, AJ will retain. If she doesn't, well... I wouldn't care.
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  14. That's what she does. As I've said a lot of times, she could create a general opinions thread and post there her opinions because this threads don't allow us to discuss. But whatever, this is legal and we must respect her or ignore her, you can pick the one you like the most
  15. A Bella Twin title reign would not be best for business :pity2:
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  16. I agree with the nutty OP crackhead, When D Bry wins the Dubya Dubya Eee title, Brie can fuck Bryan while they both wear their belts....

    On a live sex celebration on Raw.

    :ksi: :happy::russo::jbl::terry::true::lady:

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  17. That's the last thing any of us wants to see TheOvalhead

    AJ Lee retained anyways :-)
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