I want my own group

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zev, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Group name: Bugatti Boys

    Group color: Blue or w/e is left

    Group Desc: We don't deal with broke niggas, We gotta make a profit. Couldn't even wipe my ass with what you got up in your pocket.. 60$ AIN'T SHIT I Make that in a hour.

    How to join: Donate 60$ to join. (To Crayo of course)

    Thanks Crayo, I'll be waiting on your approval. :never:
  2. fu
  3. :badass:
  4. My inspiration:
  5. Ferrari boyz is the song, and your group name is "Bugatti" which is made by Lamborghini? haha wat?
  6. you mean vw
  7. Nope, pretty sure it's Lamborghini ^^


    Shit it is VW D:
  8. who cares where's crayo? Ryback u can join cuz i like feeding u n00bs


    even tho yur poor
  9. haha thanks. and I like getting fed. I WANT 3 THIS TIME :ryback:
  10. 60 bucks to join Fuckk that Ill keep NOD
  11. ok no one needs u broke red head BOMB bitch :isee:
  12. No one wants to join your Broke ass Group For 60 bucks i could buy my own group and have 25 left over SMH :haha:
  13. We don't need lame cats like you. Im broke? :haha:
  14. LOL 60 bucks this is a Big baller group That no 1 will join :lol1:
  15. Fuck it only big ballers join, since all people here are low class, we passing you the fuck up.
  16. :true:
  17. :dafuq: Ill take your group and wipe my Azz with it buy my own Group for 35 and have 25 to spare to donate to your chum group so you can say a semi big baller joined :haha:
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