I want Ziggler vs. Cesaro

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by edge4ever, Sep 8, 2014.

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  1. After their match on Smackdown . . . I would love for these 2 to feud for the IC Title. With Cesaro's power and agility, mized with Dolph's selling and agility.....this combo would be great for future IC Title matches.

    I'd rather have this than Miz fighting Ziggler. Thoughts?
  2. I like the Miz/Ziggler angle for now, 2 Cleveland boys going at it (maybe I'm just Ohio biased :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)... but I wouldn't be opposed at all to a minor Cesaro/Ziggler program..
    Cesaro vs Sheamus is a good feud too so I don't know how I'd feel about cutting that program off short so he can go toe to toe with DZ.
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  3. I see the logic....but I view Cesaro and Sheamus as both being somewhat powerhouses.....their styles are mixed. I just feel Ziggler and Cesaro would be much more intense and have good contrast.
  4. Yup, me too.
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  5. Would love to see The Show Off and The King Of Swing go at it!
  6. Exactly....I like sheamus and Ceasro.....but Ziggler and Ceasaro.....they would be match of the night at any PPV...given enough time.
  7. I can see where you are coming from Dolph vs Cesaro would be a pretty epic match at a PPV for the IC Title and with the buzz they get from the crowd anyway I can imagine it would be a great reaction from the crowd as well which is always great when watching. Miz vs Dolph is a good match however I feel it lacks something that they could get from Cesaro vs Dolph.
  8. what does it lack?......miz vs. anything sucks....Dolph is carrying him.
  9. Yes.
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